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A late bloomer but an early learner, Muhammad Usman Ahmad likes to be honestly biased. Though fascinated by the far-flung corners of the galaxy, He doesn’t fancy the idea of humans moving to Mars. Francisca is a Contributing Author for Newstrail. Be it mobile devices, laptops, etc. he brings his passion for technology wherever he goes.


It is not essential that only big cities and historically eminent places are fertile and only the environment of the high palaces is conducive to produce great people and that the womb of the desert is always sterile in producing the genius. Contrarily the hut of poverty also at times gives birth to unique people as the family background; social environment and territory of a person serve only as his introduction and reflection of his development but never act as the cause of his progress.

The owner of the News AngelsMuhammad Usman Ahmad, also does not belong to a big city, a noted family or a great literary center rather he was born in the footof the sandy waves of suburbs of Pir Mahal i.e. Chak No. 319/GB (East). Despite the severe buffets of the odds of life, he passed his Matriculation from Government High School No. 1 Pir Mahal standing good in the class. Maintaining this record, he did his Intermediate from Govt. Farid Bakhsh Ghousia Degrre Science College, 333 GB. There he was impressed by Prof. Muhammad Asif. Then he decided to do his graduation (M.B.B.S) as a private candidate from Shihezi University School of Medicine, China. There he was greatly impressed by Zhao Laoshi, from whom he received lessons on Human Anatomy. Soon after his graduation, he has planned his career as a Doctor and Professor at Shihezi University, China. And will be serving the mankind as a Doctor. Now, he is young enough to understand difference between right or wrong.

According to his words, only one sentence “Publish or Perish” was enough to give him stimulus to enter the world of composition and compilation and thus he is performing his duty with his first Website Publication, UsmanSwift.

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Muhammad Ramzan

Senior Journalist

I am an average guy who believes hard work makes everything possible. I completed BE computer science and Diploma in Sound Engineering and can’t find my destiny on that. Music and Writing are the only things which make me happy and satisfied.

Muhammad Kamran

Senior Journalist

Kamran is our Tech wiz. With a Degree in Computer Science and English literature, he loves to research the latest of the tech world and is great getting to the heart of what’s going on in that arena. At times we need to put a damper on his opinions as they might come off a little strong. “NOT” Keep it rolling Kamran, we love your thoughts and insight.

Muhammad Usman

Senior Journalist

Usman is our resident geek with a Degree in Computer Science, he LOVES to write about the Entertainment, world and New Technology Development around the Globe. It’s always interesting to watch what he posts. Usman keeps thing very, very interesting indeed. He also writes for another website on the Internet.


Contributing Author

Zain – After graduating from NYU with a master degree in history, He was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Zain mostly covers Entertainment topics, but at times loves to write about movie reviews as well.