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Sunday, February 17, 2019
Muhammad Usman Ahmad is the CEO and co-founder of News Angels. His aim is to provide Latest News Straight from News Industry. His tech website is "Tech Modish".

It is not essential that only big cities and historically eminent places are fertile and only the environment of the high palaces is conducive to produce great people and that the womb of the desert is always sterile in producing the genius. Contrarily the hut of poverty also at times gives birth to unique people as the family background; social environment and territory of a person serve only as his introduction and reflection of his development but never act as the cause of his progress.

The author of the News AngelsMuhammad Usman Ahmad, also does not belong to a big city, a noted family or a great literary center rather he was born in the foot of suburbs of Pir Mahal i.e. Chak No. 319/GB (East). Despite the severe buffets of the odds of life, he passed his Matriculation from Government High School No. 1 Pir Mahal. Now, he is young enough to understand difference between right or wrong.

According to his words, only one sentence “Publish or Perish” was enough to give him stimulus to enter the world of composition and compilation and thus he is performing his duty with his first Website Publication, News Angels. His tech website is here.