Are Beauty Parlors also opening from Saturday?

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Are Beauty Parlors also opening from Saturday? - News Angels
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Lockdown in Pakistan is going to end in a phase manner from Saturday and owners of Beauty Parlors are also waiting anxiously to be allowed to restart their businesses.

About eight days ago, 200 renowned beauty parlor and salon owners, from different cities of Pakistan, sent a list of self-made SOPs, during the Corona virus lockdown, to the Chief Ministers of their respective provinces.

Leading hair stylist, Nabila Maqsood tells that the authorities have received the request from the Pakistan Hair and Beauty Association but have not yet allowed to reopen the parlors.

In order to clarify these SOPs in recent days, Nabila also posted a few videos on her parlor’s Instagram account in which the preventive measures taken by the parlor can be seen clearly.


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In those videos, it can be seen that the people working at the parlor are wearing protective clothes i.e. PPE while doing their work .

But the videos came under fire on social media after users pointed out that protective equipment should be sent to doctors treating patients with corona virus in hospitals instead of using them in parlors.

However, according to Nabila, her words have been misrepresented.

“The purpose of making the video was to show other colleagues of my field that we can do work even in these situations as well,” she said. “We should work wearing gloves, etc.”

However, all this is meaningless until the beauty parlor owners get proper permission from the Federal or Provincial government to open their business.

A federal government spokesman tells that a decision on opening the parlors has not yet been made and if there is any update, Beauty Parlor Association will be informed about it.

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