Facebook: Pakistan ranks second among Content Ban requests

Facebook, the largest social networking site, has published its semi-annual Transparency Report, which ranks Pakistan second among the countries that sent the most requests...

Pakistan Cricket Team needs permission for England tour – PCB

PCB, Pakistan Cricket Team needs Govt permission to go to tour to England funded by The England and Wales Cricket Board.

TV Dramas Impact on Human Mind and Behavior Heartbreakingly

At this time when the Corona virus epidemic has forced people to stay at home, television has emerged as an important source of entertainment...

Popular Pakistani Comedian Athar Shah Khan Jaidi, Passes Away

Prominent Pakistani poet, playwright, filmmaker and well-known actor Athar Shah Khan, who rose to fame with his television role 'Jaidi', passes away.

National Assembly meeting summons on Monday

National Assembly of Pakistan meeting is going to be held on Monday. President Dr. Arif Alvi gives details.

Are Beauty Parlors also opening from Saturday?

Beauty Parlor owners requests government to allow them to reopen their shops and let them do their work as they are assuring preventive measures to control COVID-19 spread.

Coronavirus: Fear of rising suicides in Australia

Coronavirus causes an increase in the rate of suicide in Australia due to psychological, economic and domestic stress on people caused by jobs losses and lockdown.

Coronavirus destroys Africa’s wildlife

Coronavirus affects the wildlife in Africa. Tourists are hunting animals at Safari Park in Africa.

Corona Virus: Epidemic will reach its peak in Latin America in the next few days

Latin America is also suffering from the effects of the corona virus, which has killed 15,000 people as of Wednesday. According to official estimate, the...

Airfares likely to rise as Flights resume

An International Air Travel Agency warns that airfares seems to reduce on the resumption of flights, but fares may rise by up to 50%. The...