Scientists search for people to test the sperm sterilizer cream


Monitoring desks are all the methods used in the children’s womb that are used only on women, but scientists have invented a cream that will allow men to lose ability temporarily to produce children. Scientists from Scotland’s Edinburgh University now seek men for the practical experience of this cream. According to Mail Online, scientists have named NES / T that affects men’s sex hormones and reduces sperm production without affecting their sexual desire. This cremator will have to meet men on their arms and legs and it will start showing their effect.

Richard Anderson, professor of the research team and Professor of Edinburgh University, said, “We want 80 such men in Edinburgh and Manchester who are willing to experience this cream for 2 years.” Speaking about creeping inventory, he said that “We have invented this cream that men should share responsibility for the break in the children with women and they are also under control when they want to become a father. Men due to this cream are not bound to everlastingly. After having its use for 4 months, the sperms production in the body will end up and the production will come back normally after 6 months after stop using the cream. “


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