Pulwama Attack

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Washington: US President Donald Trump says that he saw many reports on the Pulwama incident and timely reaction will be taken on it.

During the discussion in the Oval Office, he said that if Pakistan and India go together, it would be great for neighboring South Asian countries.

Donald Trump said on a question that he reviewed several reports related to the Pulwama attack, but the matter will be commented on the appropriate time.

The US President further added that the Pulwama attack is dangerous and we are receiving reports on it.

On the other hand, the US Department of Foreign Affairs, Robert Pedroeno, said during the press conference that the US is in touch with the Indian government, and the US not only expressed displeasure over India but also assured cooperation.

The spokesman further said that the US is with India to fight against any kind of terrorism.

Remember that in the Indian occupied Kashmir, the attack on the Indian security forces caravan on 14 February killed 44 officials, after which India continued to accuse Pakistan for this attack continuously.

Pakistan Warns India Against Pulwama Attack


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