Modi’s false appreciation, sting operation revealed truth

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During a sting operation, a Journalist from India revealed that Modi gave lots of money to Indian Actors for his false appreciation.

By using the big name, Indian film Industry took lots of money for the false appreciations of Indian ruling parties BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which means the more profound benefits on social media.

Sting operation revealed all and resulted in the revolution of India on Media.

The Cobra Post representatives went to one of the actors and singers of Bollywood and asked them to positively promote BJP on social media, on which many people including Jackie Schoff, Mahima Chaudhary, Raj Pal Davio and singer Mika Singh agreed instantly.

The Indian singer Abhijit remained one step forward in giving anti-Pakistan statements and he offered new ideas to the upcoming team for the positive publication of Modi.


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