Mobile phone ban in police stations

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Punjab police banned the use of mobile, smart phones in police stations

Police in Punjab’s Punjab province have completely banned the use of mobile phones in police stations.

A notification issued Monday by provincial AIG operations indicated that police officers were found using mobile phones despite instructions.

The notification addressed to all the city police officers of Punjab, stating that no police officer under SHO or charge would use his mobile on duty.

The move comes at a time when some recent reported cases of police violence have killed at least two people.

The notice states: ‘It is forbidden to make and upload video of any officer on duty. Departmental action can be taken against any officer, not just the officer involved, but the chief officer.

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Video phone restriction
A statement issued by a city police officer in Rawalpindi on Monday said that only the SHO and Maher of the police station will have a touch mobile or a smart phone.

The order further added that no person coming to the police station has a phone which has video facility.

The statement clearly states that no investigating officer or other policeman will be able to use the video maker’s mobile or smart phone within the limits of the police station.

However, it has also been clarified by the Public Information Department of Police that the ban on mobile phones in the police stations will allow the DSP, Charge Investigation and SHO to be exempted while the ordinary citizen, including the mobile phone, is admitted to the police station. The ban will be decided by the relevant police station.

The statement also states that if a person comes to the police station in case of a case, the mobile phone used by the person will be seized at the main gate of the police station and upon his return this mobile will be returned. Will be done.

An officer working in the city police officer’s office told the BBC on condition of anonymity that the order had been received from the IG Punjab office on Sunday, following the execution of the mobile phone. Has been banned.

When contacted, the Public Relations Department of IG Punjab was not reacting to the matter.

In a statement issued by CPO Rawalpindi, the in-charge of all the police stations has also been ordered not to put anyone in illegal custody.

Rawalpindi police officials claimed that the action was taken recently after a video of a few people being killed allegedly by Punjab police officers was reported.

He added that there was also evidence that video of a suspect being subjected to torture by investigators was more likely to be police officers who had animosity with the investigating officer.

Regarding the ban, IG Punjab Arif Nawaz told the BBC that the move was taken in view of the performance of the local police. “It was usually seen that the duty policemen were seen using the phone. Because of which they were unable to perform their duties properly. ‘

IG Punjab also confirmed that ordinary citizens, including police personnel, would not be allowed to enter the police station and take the phone to the police station and submit the police personnel and silane to their phone gate before entering the police station. ۔


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