Five thousand Sikh pilgrims will be able to come to Kartarpur daily

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Pak-India talks on Kartarpur road: ‘The weather has changed – it will take a few days’.

On a daily basis, how many Sikh pilgrims will visit Durbar Sahib, Kartarpur, on a daily basis through the Kartarpur transit built between Pakistan and India? Do they have to get a visa or are they allowed to enter without a visa special permit?

Pakistani authorities did not provide clear details about such questions regarding the Kartarpur transit, even after the second round of talks. This is the second round of talks between the Indian and Pakistani authorities regarding the Kartarpur transit at Wagah, Lahore.

Five thousand Sikh pilgrims will be able to come to Kartarpur daily 1
Pakistani officials did not provide clear details after the second round of talks

Foreign Ministry spokesman and director general South Asia Dr Mohammad Faisal, who led the Pakistani delegation, said at the end of the talks that the talks had “made positive progress and agreed on more than 80% of the issues.”

However, what was included in these 80% of the cases and who had to be agreed, he said that he would not give details as it was against international norms that specific details should be provided in this way. ‘

Dr Muhammad Faisal was optimistic ahead of the talks on Sunday morning in cloudy Lahore. “We hope for meaningful dialogue that we can turn this path of hope and belief into reality.”

However, when the end of the talks, Dr Mohammad Faisal and his delegation came to Wagah to plant a ‘peace plant’, the Indian delegation was not with them.

After planting the plant, Dr. Faisal briefed media representatives about the talks. At the outset, he said, “Both sides have agreed to complete all the issues soon so that the Kartarpur Passage can be opened this year on the 550th anniversary of Baba Groninak.”

But before them he resorted to poetry.

‘The weather is just about to change, but it will take just a few days for new leaves to arrive on the tree branches. On many yellow faces, grief is less grievous, but it will take a few days for them to smile.

Dr Faisal said he had invited the Indian delegation to India to plant a ‘plant of peace’ but he probably had less time.

Five thousand Sikh pilgrims will be able to come to Kartarpur daily 2
At the end of the talks, Dr. Mohammad Faisal and his delegation were not accompanied by the Indian delegation when the delegation came to Wagah to plant a ‘peace plant’.

The Indian delegation provided details of the talks
The second round of talks continued for about three to four hours. Pakistan had also invited some representatives of Indian media for talks. It was expected that there would be a joint briefing at the end.

However, the Indian delegation went to the other side of the border with the end of the negotiations. At the attic there, they briefed media representatives. A statement in this regard is also available on the Indian Home Ministry website.

The delegation, which is headed by Joint Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, SCL Das, provided more specific information in this statement.

According to the Indian delegation, which points were agreed upon?

According to him, the Indian delegation told Pakistani authorities that the facilities they were building on their own were capable of handling 15,000 passengers a day.

“It has been agreed that Indian passports holders will be allowed to travel without visa seven days a week and that 5,000 passengers will be allowed to travel in one day.”

“Pakistani authorities have in principle agreed to build a bridge over the creek between Ravi River and Zero Line towards Pakistan.”

He also said that ‘it is recommended from Pakistan that it should review the condition of Sikh pilgrims with regard to conditions such as visa fees or permits.’

The Indian delegation has also handed over a dossier, a collection of documents, to Pakistani authorities, stating that “some persons or institutions in Pakistan may be hindering the pilgrimage and the feelings of the pilgrims taking advantage of the occasion.” can.’

In this regard, he said, ‘the Pakistani delegation has assured that no anti-India action will be allowed.’

Five thousand Sikh pilgrims will be able to come to Kartarpur daily 3
On the occasion of the 550th anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak, ie, November this year, Kartarpur will be opened for passersby.

What does Pakistan have to say on this?
Foreign Ministry spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal, who headed the Pakistani delegation, confirmed that a dossier had been handed over to him. “They have given a dossier but likewise we have given them twelve dossiers, there was no response.”

According to Dr Muhammad Faisal, Pakistan has decided that on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak, every day 5,000 passengers will come across the border. This number will be used throughout the year, but in the event of an administrative closure, it may be changed in advance.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson further said that Pakistan has accepted the Indian communication in which they have asked to construct a bridge in the second phase of the anniversary. The bridge will be constructed in Phase Two.

On the question of ‘agreeing’ with the admission of 5000 passengers a day, he said that he would not go into details but ‘Pakistan says that the management has the capacity to handle the passengers in one day. May be allowed to come. ‘

The other points that the Indian Interior Ministry said were “agreed” with Dr. Faisal told the BBC that he “could not comment.” It is against international rules and practices. We did not agree to share the details. ‘

However, during the briefing, he said that more than 80% of the issues have been agreed, which remains at 20%. If needed, further negotiations may take place.

He said he hoped that on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak, that is, in November this year, Kartarpur would be opened for transit travelers.

70% of Pakistan’s work completed
On the second round of talks that took place at Wagah, Dr. Muhammad Faisal said that 70 percent of the work on Pakistan’s infrastructure and other infrastructure on the Kartarpur transit has been completed.

70% of the work done on Pakistan’s Gurdwara Commix, Border Terminal and Road has been completed. We are confident that the Kartarpur Passage will be opened for the pilgrims on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak. ‘

What facilities is Pakistan building?
A 4.45 km long paved road is being constructed from Gurdwara Darbar Sahib to Kartarpur to the Indian border. A bridge has also been constructed on this road at the Ravi River.

In addition, a border terminal is being constructed near the border where registration, transport and other facilities will be available.

The courtyard of the Darbar Sahib has been widened. Separate parking spaces are being constructed for Indian travelers, local travelers and international travelers. There will also be gurdwara complex lodging facilities and accommodation for the second phase.

However, India demanded that Pakistan construct a bridge over the river between the Ravi River and the Zero Line rather than build a road. In this regard, he was of the view that ‘constructing a road by putting mud and mud would create a danger of flood water entering India.

“It will not be safe for the passengers. India wants passenger transit routes to be suitable and safe for all seasons. ‘


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