Did Modi see the camera and hug the head of the ISRO?

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Chandrayan 2: Did Modi see the camera and comfort the suture of the chief of the horse?

A video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chief K Sewon is being shared on social media with the claim that ‘K Sone when the Prime Minister informed Vikram Lander of losing contact. Modi did not hug him or comfort him. But when the two came in front of the camera, the cry started to wash. ‘

The video, which covers 27 seconds, has been shared on social networking websites and has been viewed more than six million times so far, and has been shared hundreds of times.

As can be seen in the first part of the video, Indian Prime Minister Modi says something after the news and goes back to his seat. In the other part, they apply gold to their chest and their back can be seen comfortably.

Did Modi see the camera and hug the head of the ISRO 1

Consumers on social media say, ‘Modi has returned the gold earlier because the media and camera were not around. But after the change of clothes and the presence of the cameras, they embraced the seam. ”

But the BBC Fact Check team did their research to confirm the claims that the claims were false. The viral video was created by combining two different parts of a video that was broadcast on a television news channel.

Watching the entire live broadcast of Doordarshan News shows that Prime Minister Modi had twice the courage of the leaders of ISRO and the scientists of his team.

Did Modi see the camera and hug the head of the ISRO 2

The first part and authenticity
The first part of the viral video shows that Narendra Modi says something to Vikram Lander after the news and he goes back to his place, it is about half past the night of September 6 and 7.

However, at one o’clock, 45 minutes, the head of the ISRO announced the first formal contact with Vikram Lander.

K Sewan informed Modi about this under the protocol set before the formal announcement.

When Sewan told Prime Minister Modi that his contacts with Vikram Lander had been broken, Darshan News cameras had surrounded him and live coverage was still underway.

Did Modi see the camera and hug the head of the ISRO 3

India’s state-run news channel Darshan Darshan launched live broadcasts from the Isro Center at 12:30 pm. According to DD News footage, Narendra Modi entered the ‘Mission Operation Complex’ 23 minutes after the broadcast began.

Vikram Lander’s program to land on the moon was running on its scheduled schedule for the 51st minute. But while watching, the Senate bombed at the Asrow Center.

In the 53rd minute, the voice of Director Rutin Kridal of Chondriane 2 was heard on the large speaker at the Center. He said that Vikram Lander was not getting any response. A few minutes later, the head of ISRO officially announced it.

After that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came down from his room to the control center on the first floor and addressed all the scientists including the head of ISRO.

Holding the shoulders of K Suture, he said, “Keep up the motivation.”

Prime Minister Modi also said, “There are ups and downs in life. What you guys have done today is also no small task. Many congratulations to you on my behalf. You have done a great service to the country, science and the human nation. We are learning something from that too. Our journey will continue. I am totally with you. Walk with courage. ‘

He then met with the school children and then left for the Isro Center.

Did Modi see the camera and hug the head of the ISRO 4
Photo at two o’clock on the night of September 6 and 7

The second part of the viral video
At seven o’clock at five o’clock in the morning of September 7, Prime Minister Modi announced via a tweet that he was going to meet scientists at the Asrow Center at eight o’clock.

At seven o’clock, he arrived at the Isro Center, and was greeted by the Chairman of the ISRO.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Modi addressed about 20 minutes in the Mission Operation Complex of ISRO Center in which he talked about the importance of scientists’ lives and science.

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said, “Indian scientists are the people who live for the glory of India.” I was thinking of your heart last night. Your eyes were saying a lot. The sadness of your face was reading. So I didn’t stay up late last night between you guys. But I thought I’d meet you guys again in the morning and talk to you. ‘

Meanwhile, the head of ISRO was standing near Narendra Modi.

After completing the address, the Chief of the Army introduced Narendra Modi to all the scientists of the team and left around 8:30 pm at the Modi Assoc Center.

Did Modi see the camera and hug the head of the ISRO 5

The entire program was broadcast on Doordarshan News, which saw Modi returning to the gate of the Mission Operation Complex and asking about the seam. Then, emotionally, Sewan told him something that Modi had embraced.

The second part of the video, which went viral on social media, is before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s departure from the ISRO Center the next day. It was the moment when Narendra Modi embraced K Sewan and comforted him.

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