‘Modi’s presence a bad omen for Chandrayaan 2 mission’

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India’s Space Mission: ‘Indian Prime Minister Presents Bad Shogun For Mission 2’

Whether India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission was successful or not was still debating whether the former chief minister of the southern Indian state of Karnataka gave the debate another go.

Former Karnataka chief minister and Janata Dal-secular chief HD Kumaraswamy has sparked a new controversy that is hotly debated on social media.

According to news reports published in Indian media, he said that Prime Minister Modi’s arrival in India at Astro, India’s space research agency, on September 6 proved to be a bad omen for Vikram Lander.

Addressing a press conference in Mysore, he said: “I do not know, but perhaps the timing of his steps proved to be a bad omen for the scientists of Israel.”

He did not comment, and said, “Prime Minister Modi arrived in Bangalore on the night of September 6 to send a message to the people of the country that he is behind the Chandran launch.”

He said that the project was in fact the Congress-led UPA government and scientists of the year 2008-09.


Kumaraswamy said, ‘The unconscious scientists worked for 10-12 years. Chandrayan 2 was approved by the Cabinet in 2008-29 and the funds allocated in the same year were also released. But he (Modi) came here to gain fame as he was the back of Chandrayaan 2. ‘

Earlier, on September 7, Kumaraswamy wrote in his tweet that he was “proud of the commitment and determination of the ISRO and that we are with you, you are going to have better success.”

This statement of Kumaraswamy is being criticized on social media in harsh words and people are saying that if Modi is a bad omen for Chandrayaan 2, then Kumara Swami is a bad omen for Karnataka and for the country, but some say his statement Are saying the political trick.

A user named Sugata Raju wrote: ‘The language of science will not hurt the BJP and its devotees, but the language of fortune and misfortune will hurt and disturb them. Understand the cultural politics of Kumaraswamy. Right now, it is more than just a discussion of data and Einstein. ‘

On the contrary, one user wrote: ‘Kumara Swamy: Prime Minister Modi is responsible for the failure of Chandrayan 2. Their presence was a ‘bad omen’.

‘The leftists mocked Pooja before Chandran’s launch and called it superstition. Now, only to target Modi, he started believing in Shagun. ”

It may be recalled that Sewan, the head of the ISRO, was criticized for worshiping at the temple for the success of the mission of Chandranyan 2 and said that there was no place for superstition in science. But even before that, the head of the ISRO has gone to the Tirumala Temple and worshiped for the success of the big space mission.

Before landing on the moon of Chandrayaan 2 mission, the Prime Minister of India was in Isro’s headquarters in Bangalore to be a part of this historic moment.

In an article published by the Indian Magazine Outlook, Fahd Zubairi, an architect and educationist, wrote that the move of the head of the ISRO should be condemned because he violated two articles of the Constitution of India. One is that India is a secular country, and therefore the head of a governmental institution is in violation of a particular religion and the other is a violation of Article 51 (a), which speaks of ‘creating a scientific mood’. Has been done


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