India: Modi will not talk about Kashmir in the UN

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India has said that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will not mention Kashmir at the UN General Assembly later this month. Modi’s speech in the General Assembly on September 27 will focus on climate change and other international issues.

Addressing a news conference on the details of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States on the eve of the General Assembly, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale answered a question regarding Kashmir and said, “Article 370 is an internal matter and This will not be mentioned in the UN. We will not discuss it. ‘

When asked if the Prime Minister of Pakistan would take up the Kashmir issue in the General Assembly, what would be the response of Windia? If the Prime Minister of Pakistan wants to speak on the question of Kashmir, then he is welcome.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will focus his speech on questions which are intended for this high platform of the UN General Assembly. As one of the world’s major economies, an important country and a responsible country of the United Nations, the Prime Minister will focus on issues of global development, security and peace, and our expectations from other countries of the world will be mentioned. . ‘

Vijay Gokhale added, ‘We have a lot of issues, development issues, climate change issues. There are more bilateral and international issues. Terrorism is also a topic in them, but it will not remain focused. The real focus will be on what role India may have on an international platform and the Prime Minister will present his vision on it. ‘

When a journalist asked them whether India raised the issue of alleged atrocities against Hindus and other religious minorities in Pakistan in the UN?

To this the Foreign Secretary replied, “As far as minorities are concerned in Pakistan, India raises these issues whenever such incidents take place.” I cannot say yet whether the Prime Minister will raise this question in the United Nations but it is a human rights issue. The speech in the General Assembly will focus on the global role and our expectations. “

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave for the United States early next week with a delegation of key ministers, key personalities and industrialists.


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