Narendra Modi: Those people have problems too, who even can’t control their own country

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Muhammad Usman Ahmad (UsmanSwift) has been reporting for News Angels for more than a year. He did his Intermediate from PGC Pir Mahal. His aim is to provide Latest News Straight from News Industry.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has criticized the Pakistani government for anonymity, saying that such people also have problems with India’s actions in Kashmir, which their country does not handle.

The Indian Prime Minister said this while addressing a large gathering of Indians based in the United States on Sunday. US President Trump also attended the rally.

‘Howdy, Modi!’ The meeting, called the largest ever by a foreign leader in the United States. About 50 thousand people attended the rally.

Narendra Modi is on a visit to the United States today to address the UN General Assembly and trade talks.

‘India is the axis of hate politics’

Addressing a function held at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, Narendra Modi said, “What India is doing here (in Kashmir) also has problems with some people who have their own country. Can’t handle. ‘

Narendra Modi also said, “These people have made hatred against India the axis of their politics. These are the people who do not want peace, are supporters of terrorism and are fostering terrorists. ”

Addressing the gathering, the Indian Prime Minister said, “His identity is not only known to you but the whole world is well aware of the 9/11 attacks in the United States or the November 26 attacks in Mumbai, where their conspirators are found.”

He said that “the time has come to fight against terrorism and its promoters together” and in this fight, US President Trump stands firmly against terrorism.

‘Article 370, a big challenge, abolished?’

Referring to the abolition of Article 370 which gave Kashmir a special status in the Indian Constitution, the Indian Prime Minister said, “It was a major challenge for the country for 70 years which was abolished a few days ago.”

Trump and Narendra Modi
In his address to Narendra Modi, President Trump mentioned that India has a real friend in the White House.

He said, “This article kept the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh away from development and it was taking advantage of the terror-enhancing powers and now the rights which the Constitution of India has given to the rest of the Indians.” They have also found the people of Kashmir and Ladakh. ”

It is understood that since the end of the special status of Kashmir on August 5, 2019, security lockdown has continued there, while Indian security forces have so far arrested thousands of Kashmiris. The valley of Kashmir has been partially cut off from the world due to lockdown, while routine life has been badly affected.

Pakistan has raised a global voice against this Indian move and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is also in the US, has said that he will discuss the issue in his meeting with the US President on Monday.

On the eve of Narendra Modi’s speech, a large number of Pakistanis and people belonging to Pakistan-administered Kashmir outside the Houston rally in Houston also protested against the Indian government’s actions in India-administered Kashmir.

There is also the possibility that Indian Prime Minister Modi may face headlines and criticism of the issue at a meeting of the UN General Assembly this week.

‘Trump is a true friend of India’

In his address to Narendra Modi, President Trump mentioned that India has a “real friend” in the White House in the United States. In his address, he described US President Trump as “warm, friendly, accessible, energetic and full of humor.”

Modi rally
400 artists warm up for the 90-minute show before Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump take to the stage

Before Narendra Modi’s address, US President Donald Trump also addressed the rally and called it a ‘historic event’.

Addressing the gathering, he said, “I am very happy to come to Texas because Indian Prime Minister Modi is one of America’s best, closest and loyal friends.”

After applauding the applause, US President Donald Trump praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech, saying he was “doing something truly extraordinary for India and its people.”

Referring to defense agreements with India, he said defense cooperation with India has increased and more defense deals will be expedited. He said that in November, the three forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) of the two countries would jointly conduct exercises. This exercise is called the Tiger Triumph.

US President Trump himself, with nationalistic rhetoric, compared the tensions between India and Pakistan in the Kashmir region with security on the US-Mexico border.

The US President said that “India and the United States both believe that we have to protect our borders to keep our nation safe.”

“We appreciate all the Indian and American soldiers who are working to protect the public,” Trump said. We are determined to protect against extremist Islamic terrorism. “

Modi and Trump
‘Howdy, Modi!’ The event, called the largest ever by a foreign leader in the United States

Personal relationships and diplomacy

According to BBC correspondent Brijesh Upadhyay, the number and enthusiasm of those attending the rally was exactly the same as what US President Trump likes at his rallies.

The slogans in this rally were only for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Trump was the superstar of the rally, but the crowd did not disappoint him and welcomed him with the slogan “USA”. The most frequently heard of his meetings.

Indian Prime Minister Modi embraced him and offered him the best combination of personal friendship and diplomacy.

The rally has been declared a victory for both leaders. It was an opportunity for President Trump to gain the support of Indian-Americans for the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, where Texas can emerge as a major political battleground.

However, the simultaneous photo-op and public relations campaign for Indian Prime Minister Modi with the US President could potentially help keep him from criticizing the recent tough policies and decisions in his country.

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