Imran Khan ‘Mujahideen and Taliban Mixing’

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ISI, Al-Qaeda Statement: Imran Khan, Doctrine or Narendra Modi’s stance supported?

During the visit to the United States, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan has been lacking criticism on social media where some are calling him the ‘man of peace’ or ambassador of peace, while some have criticized his statement on al-Qaeda and ISI.

The debate on social media is active whether Pakistani political leadership, especially Imran Khan, has adopted a new ‘doctrine’ or ideology, or is it merely a ‘confession’ that has been repeated several times by several political leaders, including Prime Minister Imran Khan.

India’s news channels have termed it a “great acknowledgment of terrorism” by Pakistan and linked it to the address of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston, in which he said without naming Pakistan. Was that ‘these people have made hatred against India the axis of their politics. These are the people who do not want peace, are supporters of terrorism and are the backbone of terrorists. ‘

What did Imran Khan say?

In an interview with US Prime Minister Imran Khan during an interview, Osama bin Laden’s answer to a question regarding Pakistan’s presence in Afghanistan stated that before 9/11, Pakistan’s army and ISI had trained to fight al-Qaeda.

At a function of the think tank ‘Council for Foreign Relations’, Imran Khan was asked whether Osama Bin Laden’s presence in Pakistan was investigated at the government level. Imran Khan’s response to this was that he did not know about the investigation but he insisted on throwing light on the past.

‘I know that the Abbottabad Commission was formed in this regard, but I am not aware of the result. But what I can say is that the Pakistan Army and ISI trained Al-Qaeda and other groups to fight in Afghanistan, so the army must have relations with them. ‘

“When we changed the policy to 180 degrees after September 11 and took action against these groups, some constituents, including some within the army, disagreed. As a result, several attacks took place inside Pakistan, including two attacks on President General Pervez Musharraf that were carried out inside the army.

But at the end of his reply, he said, “There is a statement to President Obama on the matter that the ISI chief and Army chief of Pakistan did not know (about Osamaqi’s presence) and if so ( ), It would be in the lower circles. ‘

Imran Khan & Donald Trump

“They mix Mujahideen and Taliban together”

Defense analyst Gen. Retired Amjad Shoaib disagrees with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement. He said in response, ‘These trainings took place when there was a jihad against the Soviet Union. Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with it.

He added, “At the end of the Afghan jihad, this thing was over.”

According to Amjad Shoaib, the Taliban became powerful as there was no central control in Afghanistan and the Pakistani army and intelligence had no role in it.

“Until the Taliban took over Afghanistan, we had nothing to do with them. They were not trustworthy people for us, despite the many agreements with us that they would go back and fight among themselves. ‘

When the BBC asked Amjad Shoaib whether he was a ‘Imran Khan doctor’, the answer was in the negative. He termed it as a misunderstanding of Imran Khan and said that Pakistan never supported terrorism nor played any ‘double game’.

On Osama bin Laden’s presence in Pakistan and Abbottabad Commission report, Amjad Shoaib said Pakistan had provided important information to the United States. “If I were Imran Khan’s place, he would have asked Nine XI in response and asked if the CIA was involved.”

‘In the haste of the battle, many times find fault with finding intelligence.’

‘Someone mistakenly gave him speech on Modi’

According to some people’s opinion on social media, Imran Khan’s statement supports Narendra Modi’s statement. Indian journalist Aditya Kul responded to Imran Khan’s statement, saying, “What could be more proof that Pakistan supports terrorists?”

He said that in Imran Khan’s’ mind may also be that they mix the Mujahideen and the Taliban. They have something old in their mind and I don’t think they were prepared properly. ‘

But according to Indian journalist Samarita Sharma, despite India’s accusations against Pakistan, “Iran is the biggest symbol of terrorism for the United States in the region.”

Pakistani journalist Murtaza Ali Shah said on Twitter that Imran Khan’s statement was incorrect because ‘Al-Qaeda was not present when there was a war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.’

In his message on social media, Reham Khan joked, “Did Imran Khan get Modi’s speech wrong?”

Researcher Sirajuddin said, “It is not enough to admit that. We have to make a strong determination to end terrorism or else it will only be a political slogan to solve the problem. ”


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