Pakistan PM says Trump asked him to mediate with Iran

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Imran’s visit to the United States: Can Pakistan really mediate between Iran and the United States?

Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan has said that his government is trying to mediate the growing tensions between Iran and the United States.

Addressing a press conference with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Pakistani delegation to the UN in New York on Tuesday, he said that the Iranian issue was discussed during President Trump’s meeting and after his meeting with Trump Iranian President Rouhani also met.

But the question is, can Pakistan even mediate between Iran and the United States?

In response to this question, the BBC spoke to two experts to get the background of both Tehran and Islamabad, but there was much difference in opinion.

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According to Tehran-based journalist Zahra Zaidi, director, Radio Tehran

“The relations between Pakistan and Iran sometimes improve and sometimes deteriorate, this situation has been going on for a long time.

It had always seemed that an agreement was going to be signed between Pakistan and Iran, the trade relations between the two countries would improve, but Pakistan would be behind. That is why, despite being a neighbor in Pakistan, the perceptions of the Iranians are not very good. They think that Pakistan is under a lot of pressure from the US. ”

When the new Prime Minister Imran Khan came, it seemed that he was about to take a very strong step, but no one was more open to the role of the establishment of Pakistan (Pakistan) there. There is a lot of things you can’t see and want because there is a lot of pressure from the establishment inside and outside of these countries. There is talk of a friendship with Israel. So they will meet each other, the neighbors are not friends but there is no closer proximity.

And as far as America is concerned, he is trapped at the moment and in the swamps in which he has stepped, he is in trouble. And so is the case with Saudi Arabia. But Pakistan has to move the United States and Saudi Arabia together, and both are against Iran.

So when the Iranians find that their friendship is very much with them and what they do will keep their interests in the highest regard, so I do not understand how to mediate the mediation. I think Pakistan can play a special role. ”

In the United States at the moment, there is a mode of conduct for Trump. On the other hand, Pakistan does not know when its tendency is to go further or its compulsion to increase so much that they begin to run with the United States and Saudi Arabia. Whenever Iran and Pakistan have tried to befriend, it is not known where Pakistan will release them.

Dr. Kandel Abbas, Professor of International Affairs at Islamabad University

At the moment, there are two significant attempts at Iran-US mediation, one by French President Mackavan and one by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel also had an unplanned meeting with President Rouhani yesterday. Both these efforts are very important because the two countries also have trade ties and the two countries had a significant role to play with Iran in the past.

The third major effort is by Imran Khan. Some sources say Imran Khan himself made the offer and some sources say that President Trump has said that you should do this for us.

This is important because if you talk about France or Germany or any European country, they appear to be one party with the United States, in many cases they support the US position, such as the attack on Aramco in Saudi Arabia. He accused Iran of saying that should not have happened.

The Iranian leadership also does not trust the European countries in the kind of trust they require.

There have been fluctuations in the relations between Pakistan and Iran, but there is no conflict that could have a major impact on the relationship.

That is why we saw that when Saudi Arabia sought assistance from Pakistan in Yemen, Pakistan preferred to remain neutral, which many Arab countries were also angry with.

Now that the army of Islamic countries has been formed and Raheel Sharif has been deployed, it was questioned internally in Pakistan that this could affect the balanced position of Pakistan in the region. Talking will help Pakistan bring Saudi Arabia and Iran closer together.

Despite all the difficulties Iran has openly supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, many Arab friends could not play that role. Pakistan’s policy makers must realize that Iran is supporting Pakistan in difficult times. However, Iran is very dependent on the Indian markets. Iran’s views on Pakistan have been very balanced.

That is why it seems that Pakistan can do so if it wants to play a role between Iran and the United States or between Iran and Saudi Arabia.


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