Donald Trump: Ready to mediate on Kashmir Issue, if India and Pakistan agree

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President Trump’s offer to mediate on Kashmir Issue once again: ‘Ready to do what I can do on Kashmir’

US President Donald Trump has said that he has discussed the Kashmir issue with the leaders of Pakistan and India and has informed them that he is ready to mediate on the issue between the two countries.

Speaking to reporters outside the UN General Assembly, he said he was ready to do whatever he could on the Kashmir issue.

He further said that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and his counterpart Narendra Modi are ‘friends of mine and both should work together to solve their problems’.

He said the Kashmir issue has been going on for a long time but he is hopeful that there will be a better solution.

Trump stressed that since Pakistan and India are nuclear powers, the two have to work together.

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It should be noted that Trump has already offered to act as a mediator to resolve the Kashmir issue between the two countries.

Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, Kashmir Issue
President Trump described Imran Khan and Narendra Modi as his friends and said that they have called on both to work together to resolve the Kashmir issue.

The US President had a telephonic conversation with the prime ministers of the two countries on August 21 last month. Speaking on the occasion, Trump said that relations between the two countries have been bad for a long time and this is a “dangerous situation.”

The US President also said that the Prime Ministers of Pakistan and India are currently facing a serious problem.

“Both Prime Ministers are my friends, and both are very human beings, they both love their country but they are facing a difficult situation, Kashmir is a serious issue that has been going on for a very long time.

Trump had earlier held talks with India and Pakistan’s prime ministers on August 20 to ease the recent tensions in the region over India-administered Kashmir issue.

In a tweet in his tweet, President Trump said, “(I) trade with my two good friends, Prime Minister of India Modi and Prime Minister of Pakistan, strategic partnerships and most importantly for the two countries, the Kashmir issue. Has talked about working to reduce stress. ‘

Imran Khan and Donald Trump, Kashmir Issue
According to Imran Khan, some countries may not want to talk too much on this issue because of their own interests with India. (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Imran Khan Interview with The New York Times – Kashmir Issue

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has said that the UN should intervene in the Kashmir issue.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, in a meeting with the editorial boards of the US newspapers, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, dismissed that the international community was expressing indifference to the situation in Kashmir.

Talking to the New York Times, he said there was a risk of bloodshed in Indian-administered Kashmir and the international community could no longer remain silent. He said that in his address to the UN General Assembly, he would demand that the Indian-administered Kashmir intervene.

He said: ‘If the UN does not speak in this matter, who will speak?’

He said that India was acting irresponsibly which would harm its own interests.

According to him, some countries may not want to talk too much on this issue because of their interests with India.

However, he said that the UN would have to intervene to ease the growing tensions between Pakistan and India as both countries are also nuclear powers.


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