Kashmir Issue: When and how was the major dispute between Pakistan and India discussed in the UN?

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When was the UN voting on the Kashmir Resolution?

Prime Minister, Imran Khan will talk about the Kashmir issue in his address to the UN General Assembly after the special status of India-administered Kashmir is over. Let’s take a look at when and how the biggest conflict between Pakistan and India was discussed in the United Nations?

Since 1972, Pakistan has not been successful in presenting any resolution to vote on any UN forum on the Kashmir dispute. Pakistan has been focusing only on speeches on this issue.

Pakistan has not recently submitted a condemnation resolution against India’s actions in India-administered Kashmir at the UN Council for Human Rights meeting.

However, just before the start of the council meeting, UN Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet issued a condemnation of human rights abuses in India-administered Kashmir. His statement was rejected by India.

The Human Rights Council also released a detailed report on human rights violations in India-administered Kashmir from 2016 to 2018 this year. The same council also issued a report on human rights abuses in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

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Kashmir Resolution Pakistan India
The January 1948 meeting in which the first resolution on Kashmir was passed.

Consumers on social media say that ‘Pakistani authorities either forgot to submit the resolution or it was not submitted due to lack of support in favor of the resolution’.

However, experts say it is almost impossible for Pakistan to lose out on a sensitive issue like Kashmir, so they consider it part of the strategy.

Mirza Saib Baig, the son of Mirza Afzal Baig, an Indian-based Kashmir lawyer and Kashmiri leader, says Pakistan has not yet given a clarification as to why it has not submitted a resolution to the UN Human Rights Council. ۔

However, he says that if Pakistan did not deliberately submit this resolution, then it only shows that in the 47-member council, Pakistan failed to gain the support of 24 members. “Kashmiris are sitting around the UN, but nobody seems to hear their voice.”

This is not the first time this month, the September 19th, not to submit a resolution to Kashmir.

Earlier in 1994, Pakistan had submitted a resolution to the Human Rights Council, but due to lack of majority support, the resolution had already been withdrawn before the council vote.

Due to this historic conflict between Pakistan and India, tensions between the two countries have been low and ever increasing. And this tension has been affecting the political conflict between the two countries. Kashmir is an important part of their foreign policy in both countries.

Kashmir Resolution Pakistan India
After a UN meeting, then Prime Minister of Kashmir Sheikh Abdullah talks with Russian ambassador Andrei Gromyko.

Globally, Kashmir is no longer getting the centrality it had been in the 60s. No resolutions have been approved in the UN Security Council, or any subsidiary or human rights council, over the Kashmir dispute since the 60s.

However, at every annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, Pakistan’s representative, whether it is the Foreign Minister or the Prime Minister, he adds the mention of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute as an important component in the address. And India likewise does not consider Kashmir as a dispute or says that it is a bilateral issue between the two countries.

Kashmir was also mentioned in the UN in 1998 when the Security Council passed a resolution on Pakistan and India’s nuclear blasts. Resolution No. 1172 called for the two countries to stop nuclear activities.

Lawyer Ahmar Bilal Sufi told the BBC that five permanent members of the Security Council had also promised that they would continue their efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Experts say that after India’s actions, which has resulted in a change in the constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir, the dispute was discussed at a UN Security Council secret meeting because of the support of Kashmir China. ۔ Earlier, the Kashmir dispute was raised by the United Nations Security Council (UN Security Council) in 1971, when the war between Pakistan and India was on.

Kashmir Resolution Pakistan India
United Nations military observers whose Jammu and Kashmir deployment took place early in the fifties. These observers are still present, but India does not report violations of the ceasefire line after the 1972 Shimla Treaty.

The dispute took Kashmir to the United Nations in 1948 with Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru after the alleged tribal attack by Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir announced his affiliation with India.

Then in about 23 years, until 1971, the United Nations adopted 17 resolutions and called for a meeting on related issues. In addition, the UN also tried to mediate between India and Pakistan in other ways.

In 1948, four resolutions were passed on the Kashmir dispute. A resolution in 1950, a resolution in 1952, three resolutions in 1957 was adopted in the Security Council on Kashmir. Several missions were set up between these resolutions, but the Kashmir issue could not be resolved.

Kashmir Resolution Pakistan India
UN documents say the Line of Control dividing Jammu and Kashmir between Pakistan and India is considered a controversial line.

After the 1965 war between Pakistan and India, the United Nations virtually eliminated Kashmir from the Kashmir issue in the Tashkent-sponsored Soviet Union. UN Resolution No. 307, which mentions Kashmir, was actually passed at the beginning of the 1971 war and was not the cause of the Kashmir war at that time.

After the Shimla Agreement was signed between Pakistan and India in 1972, India put the Kashmir dispute directly in the cold box and whenever Pakistan talked about it on any global forum, India always replied that The matter has been settled or is it a bilateral issue.

India stopped reporting to UN military observers stationed in Jammu and Kashmir after the same deal and called the ceasefire line the ‘Line of Control’. This name is now used in Pakistan.

Despite all the relative tensions in the world, Kashmir is still an unresolved dispute in UN documents. Often Kashmiris talk of independence, but they have to resort to UN resolutions for their problem that justify international demands on their demands.


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