4 Astonishing Ideas for using Natural Stone for Interior Design


Some architects say that natural stone for Interior Design which is extracted from mountains & used in different artworks in interior designs must be availed for kitchen as it gives tone to our passion for cooking.

We can use natural stones for different kinds of interior home decorations like living rooms, bathrooms, study rooms, guests’ rooms and not to forget the kitchen.

There are tons of types of natural stones extracted from Earth which include Travertine, Limestone, Quartzite, Marble, Slate, Granite, Sandstone, Mica Schist, Conglomerate and tons of others to decorate your home and emulsifying lifestyle.

Storage and Shelves

Limestone can be used to decorate storage spaces at home and shelves.

It is easy to clean & maintain, and also budget-friendly.

You should go for that which tackles moisture and does not get nasty with time. Surely, nothing lasts forever, but still, we need to think out of the box and see what might last longer.

Whatever stone type you prefer to use, make sure, it’s durable, thick and how will it perform!

Kitchen Accessories and Surfaces

Using natural stone in the kitchen makes it easy to do cleaning and be creative in cooking and we can easily clean dirt and be more motile.

The best stones for countertops should be the strongest ones like granite. But if you’re looking for other options like limestone, marvel or other natural stones for interior design, go for your inner saying.

Most popular countertop stones include Quartize, Granite, Soapstone, Limestone, Marble and not to forget slate.

Countertops can be easily cleaned with neutral pH stone cleaners easily available at markets.

Wall Cladding

In this online era, we all do make some sort of videos for Facebook, Tiktok, SnapChat Spotlight, Youtube and the list goes on. And background matters to most people in this so-called modern world.

Natural stone can give a tent and texture to wall decorations.

Natural stones like limestone are though are good to be used as wall decorations, but they absorb heat and then slowly radiate into the surrounding space.

If your house is located in cold weather area, definitely go for it. But! using natural stone in the warm area can be a challenge as it will heat the inner atmosphere and eventually result in cooling system costs and an increase in electricity bills.

Electricity is already deficient in Pakistan, so make sure you sleep on it before making a final decision.

Floor and Furniture

Furniture such as chairs, bench, beds, tables, drawing boards, Dinette etc. can also be adorned with limestone, so the floor.

Slate is well-known to be used on kitchen floors. Choosing a darker colour will make it stand out, so be bold with colours.

If your interior opens into some open exterior space like gardens or backyards, infinity flooring might be astonishing as it will create an infinite look and provide an eye-catching look.

You can use limestone to create an underfloor heating system as with the advances in natural stone used, it is becoming very common these days.

For more ideas and clues, always consult with an architect.


Go for the choice which is durable, does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean and maintain, and does not increase heating problems if you live in a hot area.

One, I’ll recommend is surely limestone due to its astonishing properties:

  • Limestone is durable and is absolute weather and moisture resistant.
  • It is easily available as is abundantly found around the world.
  • Limestone has awesome heat conducting properties and is hence good for keeping interior spaces cool.
  • It has been used in many old monuments and has great strength. Many ancient Egyptian great pyramids have been carved out of limestone, and they still stand still even after thousands of years of vast harsh weather.
  • Limestone is cheap if we consider other natural stones, due to its vast availability.
  • It can provide unique interior design features to your beautiful home.

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