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Note: This post is just for informational purposes.

We all know that Netflix is such a great way to have some entertainment, especially during pandemics. There are tons of TV shows and movies to watch but not everyone has a good internet connection so they prefer to watch offline.

They can do so on the mobile app as Netflix offers to download content for quite a time. But it does not appear in the gallery and you cant share it with your friends and family.

Due to some reasons, some people also want to download Netflix content on their local hard drive but Netflix doesn’t allow that.

There is almost no tool which can do this job, even the Internet Download Manager (IDM) can’t do that job.

When you try downloading some Netflix movie or TV show, it gives you an error indicating that IDM is not allowed to download content from the following site due to copyright issues.

And it can be really irritating to see this.

Then what you should do, there should be a way you can perform this task.

You will surely see on different websites to find a solution, and probably already have downloaded some tool already,  but that is not working as expected. There are many tools on the internet that promises to offer this facility but when you install them they don’t work as expected & this is just really frustrating.

But don’t worry, I have found a solution!

It is nothing but a great app offered by FreeGrabApp which you can use to download anything you want from Netflix, YouTube & many other sites. The good thing is you can use it for free.


They are also providing the premium version of the app which is specifically designed to offer some features which are not included or provided in the free version.

What are those features?  Well, those include downloading subtitles and if you want to download movies or TV shows in HD or high resolution like more than 1080p then you need to grab a license key from them which does not cost much.

For almost an entire year,  you just have to pay about 22 USD,  which is not a huge amount if we consider it on monthly basis.

And it is really worth paying for this.

They are also providing tons of other useful tools.

Other Tools provided by FreeGrabApp

Not only this, but they also regularly provide many updates which improve the app day by day and hence provide better features for two customers.

To be honest I personally use this and it’s such a great tool, which you should too really have on your device.

So don’t wait,  click here and download this tool right now.

You will surely thank me later,  I know you will. 😀

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