Who is Tony Booker and what did he say about Prime Minister Imran Khan?

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent visit to the United States has been commented on by many foreign political and journalist figures, but some fake news has been circulating along with these original comments on the Internet.

The statement attributed to an American senator and an unknown person by a similar name on Pakistan’s Twitter was spread so many people that they began to believe the truth.

The statement was attributed to a man named Tony Booker who was said to be an American Senator.

A statement quoted him circulating on Twitter: “If you (Imran Khan) are selected, this is the best selection in the world. And if they are elect, then Pakistan is the wisest nation in the world. ‘

One of the first tweeting accounts was a Twitter account called ‘KMR’, which initially tweeted, which was later retweeted and copied by several people.

Imran Khan, Tony Booker, Corey Booker,

When an attempt was made to investigate the matter, it was found that the tweet has now been deleted.

Photo of Imran Khan Tweet

Despite being deleted, this tweet may appear in Google search results.

Imran Khan, Tony Booker, Corey Booker,

Below this tweet and several other tweets, people were seen pointing out that no US Senator by that name exists, and that the closest names to real-world figures exist in the United States. Senator Corey Booker is elected from the state of New Jersey to the upper house of the United States.

The message was later spread by many but the name was changed to Corey Booker.

But by then many had boarded this trendy bus, even soon after Senators Cory Booker and Tony Booker joined Pakistan’s most searched sources on Google.

Google Trends reviews Tony Booker, Cory Booker, and similar keywords in Google search, showing people the identity of a person named Tony Booker, and his alleged statement about Imran Khan. I was very interested to know.

Imran Khan, Tony Booker, Corey Booker,

Tony Booker and Imran Khan Searches Suddenly Rise in Google Trends Over the Last Seven Days

The BBC contacted Senator Cory Booker’s office to find out the truth. Senator Booker had no such statement and could not find any such statement, according to an email sent to the BBC by an official of his team.

He also said that personally, ‘he does not think Senator Booker will ever use such words.’

Rimsha Jahangir, a journalist covering the Internet and digital rights, says that no hashtag was used to spread the message, but many accounts copy and paste the same thing forward.

She says the opportunity to spread this misrepresentation is significant. According to him, propagandists understand this and that is why when Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the United States was trending on Twitter, he seized the opportunity to spread the news on Google so Went viral

Imran Khan, Tony Booker, Corey Booker,
Graphs of the Searches about Tony Booker (GOOGLE)


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