If India has nothing to hide, why is India not letting Kashmir go? US Senator

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New Delhi (05 Oct 2019) US Senator Chris Van Hooleen has told Indian media that if India has nothing to hide, why is India not allowing occupied Kashmir? “We wanted to visit the occupied valley and find out the ground realities there, but we were not allowed to go,” he said. The US Senator said the Indian government forbade him from visiting, saying it was not the right time to visit the occupied valley.

He asked why the tourists were prevented from coming to the occupied valley when there was nothing to hide. The Indian government does not want to show us what is happening in the occupied valley. On the other hand, Pakistan has invited the US senator to visit Azad Kashmir after India refused to give US Senator a visit to occupied Kashmir.

Foreign Secretary Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the US Senator is not allowed to visit India-occupied Kashmir but there is no restriction on his visit to Azad Kashmir. Shah Mehmood Qureshi invited the US Senator to visit and said that Senator Chris Van Hollen has come to Pakistan from India if he wants, we invite him to Azad Kashmir.

It is thought that India refused to allow US Senator Chris Van Hollen to visit occupied Kashmir. The Foreign Minister also said that Senator Chris Van Hollen wrote a letter to the US President about the situation in Kashmir, because of curfew in occupied Kashmir, schools, bazaars and hospitals are closed and no sick hospital can be visited. It should be noted that India has imposed a curfew in occupied Kashmir for the last 62 days and there are normal life paralysis, while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says in his speeches that the situation is normal but at the same time he will not send any international body or observers. Do not allow visits to occupied Kashmir.


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