Rafale: France hands over first Rafale war plane to India, whose ‘target never misses’

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France on Tuesday handed over the first Rafale warfare to India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

After India received the war plane, Rajnath Singh worshiped the weapon ‘Shuster Pooja’. Defense Minister wrote Om on Sundar, plated flowers, coconut and ludo on the plane. In addition, two limes were placed underneath the wheel of the aircraft.

After this, Raj Nath Singh traveled on this plane.

Remember that the Rafale aircraft deal with France has been controversial and India’s opposition has been demanding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi resign over alleged corruption of billions of dollars in the purchase of French Rafale jets.

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According to news agency ANI, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in France “I am pleased that Rafale’s delivery is on time and hope it will increase the strength of our airspace.”

He added, “Today, in a new era of political partnership between India and France, Rafale will fly in a fighter jet which is an honor.”

“Rafale is a French word meaning blind and I hope it will strengthen the Indian Air Force just like its name,” said Raj Nath Singh.

These fighter aircraft were built by French company Dasa and raised several questions about its purchase.

When did this contract take place?

In 2010, the former Indian government began buying the aircraft from France, and from 2012 to 2015 there was talk between the two that the Modi government came to power in 2015.

In 2016, India signed an agreement with France for about Rs 59,000 crore for 36 Rafale aircraft.

“Rafale is the best deal for India,” says defense minister Maruf Raza. They say that any new weapons in the Indian Army are taken with great scrutiny and only after investigation has the army advised to buy it. ‘

Raza says, “Rafale’s combat aircraft are in the subcontinent whether it is China or Pakistan. That is why there was so much false propaganda about it but nothing has been proved yet. ‘

32 aircraft are ‘insufficient’

Raza says India’s defense needs will be met by these 32 aircraft. On the other hand, the opinion of Rahul Bedi, another defense expert, is the opposite. Talking to the BBC, he said that according to India’s requirements, 32 aircraft were insufficient.

They say the aircraft will increase the strength of the Indian Air Force, but their numbers are very small. He said that these 32 rafales would be consumed only in Hamburga and Squadron in West Bengal.

“India needs two squadrons, not 42 squadrons,” he said. We need quality as well as good numbers. If you are competing with China or Pakistan, then you need the number of fighter jets. ‘

‘No doubt about raffle abilities’

The Indian Air Force says that “the Rafale is an excellent and capable warship.”

Reza Rafa says that due to Rafale’s features it can be called ‘Force Multiplayer’. He says Rafale’s flying range is much higher than ordinary warplanes.

“Its missiles can be fired from a distance of 300 kilometers, which will hit its target,” says Raza.

“It has operational capacity of 65 to 70 percent while combat aircraft are 50 percent of Sakhoi,” says Raza.

Raza explains, ‘It can land on hills and small places, as well as on air craft carriers by sea.’

Rafale is equipped with what kind of features?

The Rafale is capable of carrying nuclear missiles. It has two types of missiles. One has a range of 150km and the other has a range of about 300km.

The Rafale, equipped with nuclear weapons, can fire missiles up to 150 kilometers in space, while in space it has a capacity of up to 300 kilometers.

It is a modernized version of the Mirage 2000 used by the Indian Air Force.

The Indian Air Force has 51 Mirage 2000s.

According to Dasa Aviation, the speed of the rafale is 2020 kmph.

The height of the rafale is five decimal thirty meters and the length 15.5 meters. The aircraft can also be filled with oil in the atmosphere.

Rafale has been used so far in countries such as Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Iraq and Syria.

Former defense minister Manohar Parikh said, “Rafale’s target never misses.”

The rifle has the ability to monitor the top, bottom, right and left sides, ie its visibility is 360 degrees.

Rafale, equipped with many good qualities, was not equipped with nuclear weapons due to international agreements.

Many experts believe that like India Mirage 2000, Rafaele will adapt to its needs.


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