Mohammad Hanif’s column: Stay little away from General Bajwa

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I heard in the news that someone burst, someone cried, someone cried, someone complained to the NAB, some cried for their criticism, some complained about life’s ineptitude.

The largest sets of Pakistan created an atmosphere of typing, ‘This is also a live’, in a meeting with the commander General Bajwa.

It is amazing to the soldier that they guard the Line of Control in the morning, inaugurate a new DHA in the afternoon, and sit for five hours at night to protest the miserable hearts of Pakistan’s largest constituencies. Are.

But just a little out of the headwind sets.

Evaluate the wealth of each sitting in your meeting, one billion leaves, one trillion leaves, some big trumpets but everyone is crying, bursting, wishing for your comfort.

Outside of this meeting is a nation that is bullying, forced to do three jobs to pay electricity bills. There are two and a half million children who will not see the shape of a school.

The news was not reported, but Sir Bajwa may have been mildly scolded that he made so much money from this country yet he was crying, bursting. If there is an explosion, just go away. My training is a soldier and I know how to deal with explosions.

You have no real competition with the politicians, from these seats. Some of the politicians you have arranged, some head-to-toe accountable NAB and some people, but for how long have these seats been embraced.

General Bajwa, the chief of the Pakistani army

Our second most brave soldier, Raheel Sharif, gets 70, 80 acres of land and makes noise. Have you ever calculated the properties of the sets? One seth heard that he had a petrol pump in his house.

Once I got the chance to go home, the house was big enough that I could run out of gasoline in my car. Another Seth driver said that I do duty on a land cruiser for 18 hours but if I ask for third bread after two at meal time, then Seth says go and buy yours.

Elsewhere it is read that the Military Foundation, which is a retired soldiers’ welfare organization, is the country’s second largest business group. It is only by these sets that the number one army in the world is still second in the field of business.

Why is traders are suffering from uncertainty despite the ‘surety’ of improvement?

One of the major reasons for this was the crying in the meeting, Seth Malik Riaz, who said that he had promised the Supreme Court that he would raise Rs 487 billion but still sending the NAB notice.

Someone asked where that money came from. The simple thing is to steal the name of the Pak Navy, now they sell all over Pakistan. How many attempts did our navy take to get the name back, but nowhere was it heard that this stolen Seth, who had stolen from the house of the Pak army, now faces the Pak army and cries.

Where DHA arrives, a bigger project brings it to the fore, but as far as I know, in Quetta we have given it a little defeat by making DHA.

But the soldier is a positive thinker and believes in the solution of the problems, so he has also announced the formation of a committee of military officers to solve the problems of the seats.

Generally, military officers go to these seats looking for jobs after they retire. By then it was late now that the service officers would sit with the seats so obviously they would learn and teach.

But there is a doubt in our hearts that our officers are brave but also simple-hearted. Even if our Colonel had done four MBAs, it would not be clear if the cream of the end was a business.

Since the warlords are also in a good mood, they should now call 30, 35 workers, working people and have a meeting with them, to give them some comfort. Prayers of the poor have a greater impact and these prayers will work within three years of the extension.


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