Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman’s Independence March: Why not be part of PPP sit-in and why Shahbaz Sharif is hesitating?

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Maulana Fazlur Rehman has announced that he will visit the capital Islamabad in connection with the campaign against the PTI government.

He says that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has failed, he should resign. And that’s why they are going to Islamabad for the ‘Freedom March’.

According to Fazlur Rehman, activists and supporters of his religious and political party Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam will depart from different cities of the country on the 27th and will enter Islamabad on October 31, three days later.

According to statements made by the JUIF leader, he intends to stay there long, but Fazlur Rehman is not coming to Islamabad alone.

He has also asked the Pakistan Muslim League-N and the Pakistan Peoples Party to go along. Originally this March’s plan also came into being with the intention of a united struggle by the opposition against the government.

However, since the invitation of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, both major opposition parties have been victims of Gomogo. Whether or not to go, there has been a long period of consultation between the two parties on this question.

After that, the leadership of the two parties announced the support of JUI’s ‘Freedom March’, but the next question was what would happen if Maulana Fazlur Rehman decided to stay in Islamabad. ؟

Pakistan People’s Party leaders Qamar Zaman Kaira and Hassan Murtaza told the BBC that ‘Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has made it clear that his party will not be part of the sit-in. They will support the march. ‘

According to Hasan Murtaza, the parliamentary leader of PPP Punjab province, “We will also welcome his rallies and if he invites him to address the sit-in, the chairman will also address. But our party will not be part of the sit-in. ‘

Why should not join People’s Party sit-in?

Speaking to a local TV channel, senior PPP leader Naveed Qamar recently said that he was against the politics of sit-ins and that “whatever the democratic government is, it is right to sit down or remove it in another undemocratic way.” no.’

However, Qamar Zaman Kaira says his party is supporting the JUIF because they are talking about constitution and law. The PPP and opposition parties believe that the government should go now. Their living is doing irreparable harm to the country. ‘

People’s Party supports Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s independence march but does not participate in sit-in

On the question of why the GUIF itself is being resorted to for this protest, he said that the PPP has announced that it will hold a march on the 18th of this month from a rally at Karsaz. Is starting. ‘

What the PML-N decided?

On Thursday night, local media circulated statements and news that ‘Nawaz Sharif has decided to attend the march of his party while Shahbaz Sharif is not in his favor’.

According to the leaders of the PML-N, Nawaz Sharif has the final say in the party’s affairs and ‘it will be his own in this matter.’ Muslim League Noon Senator Mushahidullah Khan told the BBC that his party would join Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s march.

On Wednesday, a meeting of his party’s executive committee led by N-League President Shahbaz Sharif was held in Lahore. Senator Raja Zafarul Haq told the BBC that “the majority believed that we should join the JUIF March.”

Taking these recommendations of the meeting, Shahbaz Sharif was scheduled to meet Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif in Kot Lakhpat jail on Thursday but he did not go. According to local media reports, ‘he had a problem with his waist.’

However, Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Captain (R) Mohammad Safdar went to meet Nawaz Sharif and spoke to media representatives outside the jail and said, “Anyone who loves Nawaz Sharif will go to sit.”

So should it be considered a decision of the PML-N and Nawaz Sharif too?

PML-N spokeswoman Mary Aurangzeb said in a statement on Thursday that “it has been said that President Shahbaz Sharif will announce the party’s decision under the leadership of Quaid-e-Nawaz Sharif.”

All Parties Conference
Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman’s Independence March Why not be part of PPP sit-in and why Shahbaz Sharif is hesitating

Why Nawaz Sharif wants to join?

According to analyst Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, one of the reasons for this is that ‘what is being done to Nawaz Sharif did not happen even during the worst dictatorship.’

He said, “If the government is not ready for any kind of talks, then PML-N workers also think how long they will continue to bend their necks.”

However, journalist and analyst Salman Ghani, who has been observing PML-N politics for many years, says that some PML-N leaders who support Shahbaz Sharif’s position believe that Nawaz Sharif should be misinformed about the situation. Is.

Why Shahbaz Sharif is not announcing?

Officially, the PML-N has stated that it could not meet Nawaz Sharif due to health problems, but some PML-N leaders who did not want to reveal their identity told the BBC that ‘Shahbaz Sharif participated in the sit-in. Because they think the PML-N will not benefit much.

According to a senior leader of the Nun League, “Shahbaz Sharif’s opinion has been opposed to the politics of confrontation from the beginning and he has been to a certain extent a politics of reconciliation.”

However, he said, “The final decision will be the same as Nawaz Sharif and when Nawaz Sharif says, everyone will go. Shahbaz Sharif will also visit. ‘

In this situation, the question arises as to why Shahbaz Sharif is ‘opposed’ to the sit-in.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman
Maulana Fazlur Rehman has announced a campaign against the government

Analyst Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami believes that there are two points of view in the new league at the moment. “One who says that he should be beheaded by joining the sit-in, and the other who supports Shahbaz Sharif’s position.”

“He says that if the sit-in is anything to go wrong, then the same old-fashioned 1990s political situation in the country can arise.”

He also said that Shahbaz Sharif also believes that it will be against the position he adopted in 2014 when his sit-in was given against the government and that was the stand of any democracy. It is wrong to democratically remove the government. ‘

According to Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, the question is, ‘If the sit-in fails to achieve its objectives, then who will be to blame? Maulana is neither the hero of the film nor Villan, the real rival is the N-League so the debris will fall on him. ‘

‘Something is in Maulana’s fist’

Journalist and analyst Salman Ghani says that both Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari are looking at the situation and they have reservations that if anything happened or someone approached the situation that was going to happen tomorrow. So Maulana will belong to Fazlur Rehman. ‘

He said that Shahbaz Sharif’s reservations are also that ‘the confidence that Maulana Fazlur Rehman is moving towards the sit-in is definitely something in his fist that he does not want to open.

“They think that as they prepare, they will certainly do something that could endanger the democratic system.”


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