Royal Couple visits Pakistan: Who designed Princess Kate Middleton’s clothes?

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On the night of October 14, when the British royal couple arrived in Islamabad, Pakistan, on a five-day visit, Princess Kate was wearing a light blue dress. Social media similized her dress with Lady Diana‘s dress and praised the simplicity of her clothes. During the visit so far, Princess Kate has been seen wearing Pakistani attire (Shalwar Kameez).

The News Angels spoke to one of the designers, who designed clothes for Princess Kate and came to know that Princess Kate is wearing dresses designed by many designers on the occasion of her visit to Pakistan.

Princess Kate and William with Prime Minister Imran Khan
Princess Kate wore a green shirt made by Catherine Walker in the meeting with Imran Khan.

“I am proud that I have designed clothes for many well-known personalities,” said Maheen Khan, a designer in the Pakistani city of Karachi while talking to the News Angels “and today, Princess Kate also wore my designed suit.”

“I made a green shirt and a white dupatta for Benazir Bhutto, which is still worn by her statue in Madame Tussaud,” Maheen said. “Apart from this, I also made a lot of clothes for Jemima, Begum Aga Khan and many more personalities. They used to say that I do my job passionately. I am so happy that I designed clothes for Princess Kate. On her visit to Pakistan, Princess Kate will wear dresses made by many designers.”

Princess Kate Middleton
Kates’s light blue dress , made by Catherine Walker, arrived later, after Kate reached Pakistan

“When I was designing clothes for Princess Kate, I did not have any particular idea or color in mind while making clothes, nor did I see Princess Diana‘s clothes,” said Maheen. “I think, matching the colors of Princess Kate‘s clothes with Princess Diana‘s clothes is just a coincidence.”

However Looking at Princess Kate, I thought that if she had golden hairs, blue should be necessary in her clothing, because with golden hairs, the particular blue color looks very pleasant and should get a glimpse of our Pakistani culture.

Maheen also reported that Princess Kate wore a light blue dress made by Catherine Walker upon arrival to Pakistan and she is one of the favorite designers of Princess Kate. While on the occasion of the royal couple’s visit to school in Islamabad this morning, Princess Kate wore a dark blue suit that Maheen designed.

Princess Kate Middleton
Mahin says that she designed the dress according to the princess personality

Maheen added that Princess Kate wore a green shirt made by Catherine Walker. The faded colored pajamas are Maheen‘s designs and the dupatta in which seven colors are used, is designed by Princess Kate herself. In this way, Princess Kate styled her own dress herself.

“It’s a matter of honor and pleasure for me that Princess Kate wore those dresses which I made for her,” said Maheen. Maheen said that during the designing of Princess Kate‘s dresses, her simplicity was kept in mind.

Princess Kate Middleton and William
In Pakistan, Princess Kate’s clothes are being despised very much

She says, “I usually add two colors combination to my designed clothes, so I had in my mind that Princess Kate would love these scarfs too. So I have made such scarfs for her.” Different types of fabrics are used in Kate‘s costumes, including chiffon and ray silk. “I knew somewhat that Princess Kate likes to wear simple, classic and elegant dresses,” Maheen said.

On the News Angels reporter’s question, Maheen says that there is a shop in London where her designed clothes are present. Representatives from the British royal family went there and picked up her designed clothes and then contacted her. “Whereas, in the morning, the dark blue dress worn by Princess Kate has received many orders. My team is working on new orders.” said Maheen.


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