Coronavirus Treatment: First human trial has failed

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A report published by World Health Organization (WHO) by chance, states that the treatment trials on humans in China against Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) are unsuccessful.

It was hoped that Remdesivir, a drug, will treat this viral but it failed.

CDN: Leaked data suggests antiviral drug Remdesivir is not effective treatment

Vaccine and drugs against coronavirus which were injected to humans have no effect and there is no change observed in the patients so far.

Unfortunately, the treatment of COVID-19 has failed and the death rate all around the world is increasing tremendously.

Scientists are still working and burning midnight oil to find an treatment to save the world from this deadly virus but all attempts made so far are unsuccessful and people are advised to stay home until a cure against this virus is made.

covid 19

It is in the air that this deadly virus is spreading so quickly in America and many other countries.



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