Corona virus: The report that China wanted to hide is released


According to Reuters, China wanted to block the release of a report from the European Union.

The report accuses China of providing false information regarding the spread of corona virus infection.

According to Reuters, China wanted the report to be stopped. Reuters made the announcement after reviewing four sources and diplomatic correspondence.

But this report has been released. The Chinese mission in the European Union has not yet commented on the report.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has not yet commented. According to Reuters, an EU spokesman said: “We do not comment on such matters. This is a dialogue between us and other countries. ” Another EU official told Reuters that the report was released as it was.

According to Reuters, the report was to be released on April 21, but it was delayed due to Chinese authorities becoming aware of it. According to Reuters, “A senior Chinese official contacted EU officials in China and said that if a similar report was released today, it would be very bad for our co-operation.”

Reuters quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry official Yang Shiguang as saying in a statement that if the report was published, it would be a move that would anger China. The report accuses China of giving false information and subsequently taking a number of steps to improve its international image.

China has made lots of efforts to control COVID-19 as you can see the rate in the graph below.

Corona virus china graph

Corona Virus victims details in china is as further. There are total 84,311 cases in China known so far. Out of these 77,346 have recovered successfully and unfortunately, 4,642 kicked the bucket.

Corona virus china cases

Hubei has affected a lot due to corona virus has total cases 67,803 out which 3,212 have passed away and 64,014 recovered. Total cases in Guangdong Province are 1,532 out which only 8 died and 1,395 recovered successfully. Henan has 1,276 total cases, 1,252 recovered and 22 kicked the bucket. Zhejiang has total 1,264 cases out of which 1,230 recovered and only one person passed away. In Hunan, there are total 1,019 cases and 1,014 recovered so far and 4 died. While Anhui has total 990 cases out of which 984 recovered and 6 passed away. On the other hand, Jiangxi has total 937 cases known so far out of which 935 recovered and 1 kicked the bucket. Further details are in the image below.

Corona virus china detail

Reunion season’ in China after months of Corona Virus Lockdown

Reunion season’ in China after months of coronavirus lockdown

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