Italy announces easing of lock down restrictions from May 4

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Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has told the nation how his country will now take steps to lift the lock down caused by Corona in the second phase.

He said the country would begin easing, restrictions on daily life activities, from May 4. He said that people would be allowed to meet their loved ones if they are wearing masks. However, he also said that people would have to avoid much interactions.

The parks will reopen, but educational activities in schools will only begin after September.

Italy had the highest number of deaths in Europe and the longest lock down.

So far there have been 197,675 cases. The death toll in the country has risen to 26,644, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The number of cases in Italy is declining, but on Sunday there were 260 deaths, the lowest number in a single day since March 14.


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