Donald Trump: We are not happy with China

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American President, Donald Trump has said that their administrations have started a ‘very serious investigation’ against Corona virus.

“We are not happy with China, we are not happy with this whole situation because we believe that this virus could have been stopped in beginning.”, he told during daily press briefing. It could have been stopped sooner so that it could not have spread around the world.

Donald Trump also has criticized China in the past and he has repeated expressed his views regarding closing of border for China. According to medical experts, America got time and chance to tackle this epidemic but it is also said about Trump’s Administrations that they did not get advantage of it

Trump said that only one country is responsible for all for this, whatever has happened.

“We are not blaming anyone, but they should have stopped the virus in the beginning.”, he said.

He said, “America will never forget those people who died because of someone else’s incompetence or due to some other reasons.”

Mentioning China, he said, “They could have kept the whole world safe, not just us, but the whole world.”


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