Spain plans to end lockdown by end of June

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The European country of Spain has announced that they will end the lockdown, which was due to corona virus spread, and life will return to normal by the end of June there.

Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez says that lockdown will end in different ways in different parts of the country depending on the situation.

The easing of lockdown on four Spanish Islands will begin on May 4, after that other parts of the country will also be free of lockdown gradually.

Approx 24,000 have kicked the bucked so far in the country.

The country had the world’s toughest restrictions since March 14 to keep people confined to their homes. Children were restricted to leave homes for 6 weeks.

This indicates that spread of virus in Spain is declining. There were 301 deaths in the country on Tuesday. It was approx 901 last month.

The number of new patients is 1308, the lowest since March 14.


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