Corona Virus: Lockdown eases in Beirut, citizens are warned to be careful

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Lebanon has announced to increase lockdown for more two weeks til May 24 to prevent the spread of the corona virus, and on Tuesday the prime minister warns that if precautions are not taken after the easing of sanctions, the virus will spread again.

There are 740 cases of the corona virus in Lebanon and the death toll because of this virus has risen to 25.

The government has gradually begun easing some restrictions this week, allowing restaurants to use only 30 percent of their room so that the rules of maintaining social distance are not violated.

Regarding the low spread rate of this virus in the country, Prime Minister, Hassan Diab says that the general assessment in this regard has been very good.

But he also tells in a meeting of the Supreme Defense Council on Tuesday that citizens are not maintaining the key principles which must be adopted to prevent the spread of this corona virus pandemic.


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