Popular Pakistani Comedian Athar Shah Khan Jaidi, Passes Away

Athar Shah Khan Jaidi, Popular comedian, actor and poet, passes away on Monday in Karachi

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Prominent Pakistani poet, playwright, filmmaker and well-known actor Athar Shah Khan, who rose to fame with his television role ‘Jaidi’, passes away.

He dies in Karachi on Sunday morning and has been ill for a long time.

Athar Shah Khan borns in Rampur, India and migrates with his family to Lahore in 1947 and then to Karachi in 1957.

Athar Shah Khan receives his early education from Lahore and Peshawar and then graduates from the Urdu Science College in Karachi, later pursues Masters in Journalism from the Punjab University.


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Intezar Farmaye, it is the drama that makes Athar Shah Khan ‘Jaidi’ and takes him to the heights of fame.

“Jaidi” is considered one of the earliest television playwrights and artists.

Athar Shah Khan’s other superhit dramas include Hello Hello, Jaane Do, Burger Family, Aashiyana, Aap Janab, Jaidi in Trouble, Problem House, Haiy Jaidi, Kese Kese Khwab, Ba Adab Ba Mulahiza Hoshiyar.

In 2001, he was awarded the Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan and Jaidi was also awarded a Gold Medal by PTV on the occasion of his Silver Jubilee.

Numerous Jaidi fans turns to Twitter to pay tribute to him and also remembers his plays.

Bina Sarwar says, “Athar Shah Khan, for me, you will always be a sweet uncle Jaidi, this is how I want to remember you! There are no words to thank for the laughter and joy you gave us. We are privileged to see your performance. Thanks.’

“I am so sorry to hear this sorrowful news. He was an important part of my childhood when we had PTV as our only source of entertainment,” says Adnan. “For a long time I did not know that Jaidi and Athar Shah Khan are two names of the same person, their change from one actor to another was amazing.”

In the memory of Jaidi, a fan names these lines of poem after him:

Athar Shah Khan Jaidi, Poetry
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