Corona survey: ‘South Korea and Germany better than US’

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Corona survey: ‘South Korea and Germany better than US’

The Pew Research Center surveyed 11,000 Americans reactions about other countries reactions to COVID-19.

According to the survey, most Americans think that South Korea and Germany have competed better than their country.

On the other hand, people have criticized China and Italy, saying they have not done enough to prevent the virus. In March, Italy was the country most affected by Corona. In China, meanwhile, the number of new victims has dwindled.

The survey results may have been influenced by President Trump’s statement accusing China of spreading the virus.

In the opinion of some critics, this criticism of President Trump is in fact tantamount to covering up the failures of his administration.

More than 1.5 million Corona victims have been reported in the United States so far. The United States surpassed China in terms of COVID-19 victims in April.


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