Indian express happiness over Pakistan plane crash

Why Indian social media users are expressing happiness over Pakistan plane crash?

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Why Indian social media users are happy over Pakistan plane crash?

At least 97 people have been killed and two injured in a passenger plane crash in the Karachi, Pakistan and the bodies of about a dozen people have been identified.

Messages of condolence are being received from all over the world, including US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and also Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

But there is also a minority of people in India who are expressing happiness over the accident and this happiness is based only on hatred and it is reflected on social media.

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US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo saddened that the United States stands with Pakistan in this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted: “Deeply saddened by the loss of life due to a plane crash in Pakistan. Our condolences to the families of the deceased, and wishing speedy recovery to those injured.”

On this tweet of the Prime Minister of India, many people started various controversies and there was more hatred among the people. A user named Divesh wrote: ‘We are very happy with the sudden death of 100 future terrorists. Hopefully, such news will continue to come from Atankistan (terrorism).

Similarly, when India’s leading actress Swara Bhaskar expressed sorrow over the plane crash in Karachi, many users started trolling her.

Swara writes: ‘SO Tragic! Heartfelt condolences to affected families and prayers for the victims of this godawful accident/ crash! Praying for some miraculous survivors & for the safety of friends in Lahore and Karachi!”

In response, many hateful messages were seen. One user writes, “The pain is real … But what if it had happened in India … So will you tweet … Ask your heart Terrorist supporter.”

Rae Bareli, MLA of Uttar Pradesh, writes: ‘When I see a lack of words to express my feelings, I look to Shashi Tharoor. Condolences to the families of those killed in the PIA accident. You are in my prayers. ‘

In response, Shashi Tharoor writes that this is the true spirit of India. “The death of anyone saddens me because I belong to humanity … “

Ahmed Saeed, a resident of Lahore in Pakistan, tells that a friend of his is from Mumbai, India. “She works for Qatar Airways. She has a sister who is about to become an air hostess and she may become after the lockdown.”

“She texted me and asked about the accident and when I confirmed the accident, she expressed her heartfelt sorrow and condolences. There was no hatred in her style.”

Accidents between India and Pakistan also become a source of controversy and this has been seen in the recent case as well. However, those who love humanity are also on both sides.

And perhaps they have heard this song of the Sufi Punjabi poet, “If the enemy dies, do not rejoice, the beloved may also die.

Dushman mare te khushi na karey Sajna vi mar jaana (Rejoice not the death of the enemy, The beloved may also die)


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