3 Essential Things to Consider before Ordering your Custom Soap Packaging


You have developed a fantastic soap bar that you are dying to show to the world. You have a novel custom soap packaging design that will perfectly complement the soaps once you will place the order for packaging. But, before you go ahead with this plan, you should consider a few key factors as they may affect the specifications of your packaging. Below are some key considerations that soap manufacturers should be mindful of before placing their custom soap box packaging order.  

Did you Consider How you’ll be Storing your Custom Soap Boxes?

Failing to consider the storage of your custom soap boxes properly means you are throwing them away. Of course, cardboard and paper-based packaging can deteriorate naturally, because it’s an eco-friendly solution. That said, you can control the rate at which it is deteriorated by taking the following simple measures to keep your environmental-friendly packaging fresh and beautiful for an extended period.  

  • Store packaging in a cool and dry place. Moisture can cause severe damage to the structure of your custom soap boxes.
  • Do not leave your packaging in the open. Always ensure your packages are properly wrapped or lined up inside a carton. This will protect your soap boxes from dust, moisture, and other external elements.
  • Do not put your packaging boxes under direct light. An intense light, such as sunlight and spotlights in product displays, can cause discoloration. For instance, if your custom soap box has a dark blue shade, it might fade and become light blue when exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period.

Are you Using the Right Kind of Custom Soap Packaging?

Of course, this isn’t something easy to address, because it’s not a child’s play to determine the ‘right type’ of the box. You need to consider various aspects of the product you are planning to encase in.

While rigid boxes are widely preferred for their looks and slickest design, they aren’t ideal for packaging soap bars. Why? They are expensive, difficult to store, and are more likely to get damaged. As a result, paper and cardboard boxes are the best options. How?

  • The paper and cardboard boxes are more space-efficient that helps businesses cut their costs. The eco-friendly boxes are shipped flat, so they take up less space and give manufacturers the option to purchase additional units and make the most of the economies of scale.
  • Indeed, not all boxes are created equal, but keeping the product safe is another highpoint of paper and cardboard boxes. These boxes are foldable and perfect for encasing smaller items like soaps and beauty products that are slightly fragile and light in weight. 

Did you Consider How to Dispatch your Soaps?

Dispatching products is probably a dilemma that nearly every business is faced with. This means solely creating a beautiful packaging box does not ensure you will be comfortable shipping your products out. You might consider using packaging materials that can keep your soaps in optimal condition until they get into the hands of customers. A packaging solution that does not require another layer of paper will prove a perfect fit as it will not thwart the unboxing experience.   

  • If you are planning to ship your soaps, then you should also print handling and shipping details on the containers along with your logo and brand name to ensure safe delivery.
  • If your soaps are temperature sensitive, be sure to print that on your custom soap boxes. Else, all your investment will go down the drain.

We hope that you will consider these factors when placing your soap packaging order with your packaging partner.

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