Digital Marketing Expectations and Reality



From the beginning of the day till it lasts we expect a lot of things in our daily life but all these expectations are not to be fulfilled according to our plans. A similar case is with digital marketing.

Many companies do anticipate a lot in digital marketing agencies and the outcome doesn’t turn out to be the same.

Many small business owners are saddened by digital marketing agencies.

There is a lot of variation between expectation and reality in digital marketing agencies. While dealing with digital marketing, one has to understand the base reality and what exactly you can expect.

Digital marketing experts know the very specific processes that need to be performed at a very high level to see positive ROI. You can write a copy – but can you write a copy that sells? Or target the right people? Or know when to change your strategy? There’s more to it than the eye can see.

In this blog, it will come to know some expectations that marketers have from Digital Marketing and what exactly is the reality.

Expectation: Digital Marketing Generates Much Better ROI

Reality:  only when you know what you are doing

Every business that hires a digital marketing agency–even the businesses who come to us after they realize agencies aren’t what they need–does so thinking digital marketing straight away makes them more profitable. Hence, we often persuade our clients and prospects to ask about their Digital Marketing expectations vs reality of paid media. Funny enough, what seems to be a universal truth is that digital marketing is very costly. Even more so, it is complicated to succeed in digital marketing.

And it’s not just our customers’ opinions. Research shows that most digital agencies command much lower boundaries with their tactics than they’d have you know. 


Reality: to some extent, it is factual. Paid ad enhances visibility but it is not assured.

Your content quality has to be on top. Paid ads give more access to the user, it does not improve the quality of your ad. A customer will only click on your ad if the ad will be attractive to him.

The reality is, that although paid ads can increase the traffic, the quality of the content also plays an important role in this.

Conclusively, we can say that digital marketing is a much-needed way to promote your business nowadays.

All your expectations can be fulfilled if your digital marketing experts are following the trends and upgraded ways.


Reality: If you think that just having a digital marketing strategy is sufficient, then it’s not going to be adequate.

First of all, you need a good digital marketing loom that is going to pay off.

To make it happen you have to confer with a digital marketing professional before implementing any new tactic.

The reality is, yes you can make more money with the help of digital marketing.

But this is possible only if the right techniques are applied in the right place.


Reality: No, the reality is far away from one expected. We have to know that traffic is a very significant factor to get leads.

First of all, do you just desire traffic or you wish for relevant traffic? Now the question that arises is what’s the difference?

Well if you sell tables then you must want people interested in furniture, not in something else.

The most important thing don’t forget about your conversion rate.

Through many tactics, you can bring billions of viewers to your website, but if it’s unpleasant and slow, then they will never come back.

The reality is more relevant traffic brings more business.


Reality: it doesn’t matter big or small. If you are running a company and providing products or services, you are needed to be online. Once your business is online, digital marketing is very crucial for your business.

Assume that you are marketing your service to people under the age of 34, you cannot afford to be invisible on the Internet.

If anyone is interested in your product or service, the first thing he will do is, search for you online and gather more information.

Now the time has changed and offline-only business has no longer survival.

The reality is digital marketing is for everyone – big, small, startup, old businesses anything.

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