4 Graphic Design Trends That Marketers and SMM Managers Need to Know About


Graphic Design Trends

Trends in design come and go, and it is always better to be among the first to notice and start using them – otherwise, the audience will have the impression that you are running after a departing train. Current trends in graphic design are an ocean of ideas, including the craziest. It is impossible to tell about everything at once, but the following are a few of them. 

Gradient and Saturated Colors

This year, graphic designers often used gradient and vibrant colors. There is an explanation for this: now ultra-minimalism dominates, and since the forms are strict, the creative tension remains to find a way out in daring combinations of colors. This is what happens. It turns out powerfully, but in such experiments, you need to be able to disconnect from conventions and follow the white rabbit (crossed out) in color.

Animated Designs

Everyone has known for a long time that video attracts attention. But the story about the absolute triumph of the video has a sequel: it unexpectedly turns out great if you mix the dynamics with the statics.

Animated designs involve better than traditional images. One study showed that video publications on social networks are shared 1200% more often than pictures or text posts. The popularity of video formats is confirmed by research and practice – otherwise, it would be unlikely that major brands would emphasize this format in their communications.

Author’s Graphics and illustrations

Ideally, when the children’s book illustration or author’s illustrations are used in motion pictures, then the design is obtained with a special character and mood. Such graphics fit perfectly into any format – from caps for letters and thematic cards to illustrations for a blog or covers for a page on social networks.

Emphasis on Typography

Bold color combinations, movement and other elements of the visual revolution play a huge role in graphic design, but without fonts anywhere. Many designers experiment with writing letters and words, and the main thing here is not to be afraid to violate standards. One of the latest trends is to use coarse paint strokes as the “building material” of fonts. It looks textured and strong.

In addition, controlled chaos, hodgepodge, and ordered explosion – these trends can be described like this. Break the images into components and rebuild them again. It is difficult to guess what will turn out in the end, but this is the whole point – uncertainty gives sharpness of sensations. The results of such experiments never repeat each other, they always want to be considered and shared with others. And this is the main point.

What is online graphic design This is not just an additional design of some physical product of the real world, because the product is often the site itself. The search engine site itself represents a product – some software, a tool for data analysis. An e-commerce site is its own product – some software, a tool to encourage buying and conclude commercial transactions. A virtual news library, a virtual store, a virtual community – all these terms describe sites that themselves are a product. When a site is viewed from this point of view, the assessment of the role of a graphic designer changes from minor to most important.

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