10 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Flat Website


Tips for Creating a Beautiful Flat Design Website

Web design with its cyclicality resembles fashion – trends come and go, some are completely forgotten, and some come back in a rethought form and become popular for the second, third or even fourth time. These include, for example, a flat design. A few years ago, everyone went crazy over it, the noise died down over time, but the concept lives on and continues to develop in a new direction, which we personally like.

The secret to the success of a flat design is that it is very simple, straightforward and versatile. Sites designed in this style look modern, do not raise questions and load very quickly – how can you not like them? You do not fully understand what flat design means, but have you want to refresh your site and please your customers with something new for a long time? Well, great – let’s understand and try.


The main elements of a flat design are simple geometric shapes, frames and typography. And if you want your site to comply with the principles of the visual hierarchy, treat them correctly: do not forget about the order, size and symmetry. Your task is to make the user view the page not randomly, but in the sequence you need, primarily paying attention to the most important information.

Add Depth with Color

Color is one of the key components of a flat design. It not only enlivens the site, but also makes it deeper. Traditional methods of adding volume are not suitable because of their deliberate “three-dimensionality”, but experiments with colors and shades give the desired effect of small depth, especially when you place light elements on a darker background.

Put in order

Artistic mess can reign at home or on the desktop, but by no means on the site. Flat design and chaos do not combine under any circumstances, so bring cleanliness. Get rid of everything unnecessary and make sure that the remaining elements do not interfere with each other and do not clutter up the space.

Show what you can click on

On a flat site, it is not always clear which elements are clickable and which are not, so you need to think about how best to arrange hyperlinks so that they do not raise questions from visitors. Our advice is to pay attention to underlining, frames and geometric shapes.

Simplify navigation

In theory, any flat site should be not so much beautiful as convenient. And convenience begins with clear navigation. Do not complicate the structure of the site, make it as simple as possible, and if you get a lot of pages, use the drop-down menu. Remember: simplicity, moderation and accuracy are your best friends.

Like if you want to Create Website like Aliexpress, try to make it simple and convenient. Don’t fill the whole website only with designs and rich images. 

Choose the right fonts

Not all fonts will look equally good on a “flat” page. First of all, we recommend the Sans Serif family, and for those who want more, we advise you to pay attention to a very good selection of suitable fonts in style.

Use bright colors

A monochrome site looks elegant and stylish, but a flat design should be dynamic, vibrant and effective, and this is easiest to achieve with color. So do not be afraid of bright colors – try, mix and see what happens.

Add strips

Speaking of visual hierarchy. The Wix editor has a great tool for correctly distributing content across the page – horizontal stripes. They divide the site into wide blocks that look especially cool on a flat page.

More accurate with icons

For visitors to a flat site, icons play the role of road signs, helping them to navigate. They are needed not so much for beauty as for navigation, so always make a choice in favor of a more understandable icon. You don’t want the person who got to the site to get confused and leave with nothing? Then try to make everything as obvious and visual as possible.

Remove unnecessary effects

A flat design should be simple and concise. If you decide to adhere to this concept, you need to avoid all kinds of effects and animations. If you are able to maintain the style – get a cool and self-contained site that does not need any additional decorations.

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