Is it a good time to start a PVC conveyor belt manufacturing industry in India?


What is a conveyor belt?

A conveyor belt is a system that is used to carry goods on a belt. It falls under the categories of conveyor systems. The conveyor belt operates on usually two drums, connected at the two ends and a belt that rotates on these drums, making an endless loop. These drums are also called pulleys. These pulleys run on power to complete the action of moving the goods. In many belt conveyor systems, only one of the pulley or drum is powered. It is called a drive pulley as it takes forward the process whereas the other pulley is called the idler pulley. Using a conveyor belt eases the carrying of heavy items.  

What is a PVC conveyor belt?

A PVC conveyor belt or a Polyvinyl Chloride conveyor belt is a type of conveyor belt system that is used mainly in the food industry for food processing and food handling. When we talk about the implementation of PVC coated conveyor belts in the food industry, we basically talk about the processing of meat, fish and dairy products, bakery production, and all the food material handling. Being long-lasting and convenient, PVC is ranked as the third most used plastic around the world. Along with the above-said qualities, the PVC conveyor belts boasts many more qualities. Resistant to heat and water is one of them.

Application of PVC conveyor belt

PVC coated conveyor belts, due to its many salient features, are widely used in many industries. We have listed down some of the major industries that install & implement these PVC coated conveyor belt systems. Take a look.

  1. Used in the Electronics Industry
  2. Used in the Food Industry
  3. Used in the Pharmacy Industry
  4. Used in Bakery and confectionary Industry
  5. Used in Dairy Products Industry
  6. Used in Poultry, Fish & Meat Industry
  7. Used in Material Packaging Process
  8. Used in the Automobile Industry
  9. Used in Wood, Glass & Ply industry
  10. Used in Health & Body Fitness Industry

Pros & Cons of a PVC Conveyor Belt


There are various advantages of a PVC coated conveyor belt, making it the world’s third most widely used conveyor belt in the major industries. Below listed are some of its positive attributes. Check them out.

  1. PVC conveyor belts are resistant to water & steam.
  2. It is strong & durable.
  3. It is convenient & easy to use.
  4. It is not very expensive and affordable.
  5. It is antistatic.
  6. These belts offer good chemical resistance.
  7. Many of the belts are flame retardant, making it better than other types of conveyor belts.
  8. It is more reliable than other types of conveyor belts.


Like any other apparatus in the industry, PVC coated conveyor belts also comes with some disadvantages but it does not limit its features. Although its various benefits make it to the most suitable equipment list of the industries, it is also good to know what other attributes it lacks so it can be enhanced in the future. See the list below.

  1. It is less resistant to erosion, on comparing with a TPU coated conveyor belt.
  2. It is less resistant to lubricants, solvents or any greasy or oily substance.
  3. It is less resistant to fats & mineral oils.
  4. It is less suitable for food processing where the food is directly contacted with the belt.

Where is PVC conveyor belt manufactured in India?

PVC coated conveyor belts are manufactured across many cities in India. Delhi, Ghaziabad, Pune, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata are some of the leading cities that produce PVC Conveyor Belts in India.

Is it a good time to start a PVC conveyor belt manufacturing industry in India?

Till the end of 2017, the conveyor belt manufacturing market was close to approximately $250 million in India. Since then, the market has been witnessing an increase in demand for manufacturing industries. This demand has been marked as a major growth driver in the market.

Meanwhile, the demand exceeds the production, the manufacturers look for efficient plans & methods to keep the production cost low. Also, since most of the industries depend heavily on the conveyor systems, the conveyor belts manufacturers can get many benefits from this demand. Since India is still able to attract industrial investments amidst the pandemic, there is no harm in starting a PVC conveyor belt manufacturing business in the current situation.

Talking about PVC coated conveyor belts, we have already stated above its features and less cost. It is one of the fastest-growing conveyor belt systems across the industries. 

As a result, we can see that it is a good time to start the manufacturing of PVC coated conveyor belts in India.

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