UK: Barber shops ‘full booked’ for next three months after three-month Lockdown

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Angie Monroe reopens her hairdressing salon in the West Midlands town of Stourport at 5 am.

Her first cousin, Lisa, desperately needs the help of a professional after many experiments on her own hair.

Monroe says that she has spent the last few months in mental anguish.

“It’s been a very difficult time. We had no idea when we would be able to reopen the salon. I’ve moved a lot of luggage around the salon to ensure safety. “

“For the next three months, they are full-booked, meaning they have no appointments left,” Monroe says.

Other barbers are also very busy in most parts of England and can be seen queuing up outside their shops.

Here are some pictures of some barbers and salons opening in England:


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