Earthquake successful identification app

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Berkeley, California: The University of California, Barclay specialists have developed an interesting app, which has successfully identified 200 earthquakes in the last 6 months.

The zip network can also be considered through this app. Its creator says that MaiShake can identify small and big earthquakes, this app was released in February 2016 and Android has been downloaded by Android and so far.

According to experts from Europe and the Mediterranean earthquake center in France, many people made earthquake apps, but the Mai Shake app is the most effective and better. Currently this data records, but will be able to warn them in future in future so that people can save valuable lives by reaching the safe places.
Prices and sensitive sensors are greatly deepened in earthquake areas, and similar sensors have been planted with European cooperation in Quetta and Chauvanut Flat of Balochistan. But everywhere this sensor is not an example of which Bhutan is where frequent earthquakes are coming, but the public has smartphones. If thousands of people use Nepalese in Nepal, it can be used as a precision measurement of earthquake.

Similarly, Japan may be alerted by earthquake risk and people can be alerted by this app and can be found so that they can enter under the table or bedside or run on the open ground. Similarly, if 100,000 km of 100 square kilometers use this app, it can become a great earthquake network.

The Mai Shake team has used a method based on the Norel Network that feels the difference between the general horoscope and earthquakes and warns the earthquake. The crew team has tested the app in a variety of ways, the network made from a mobile phone app is very sensitive and recognizes sharp but less harmful primary or pseudoons after the earthquake, and then slow down but more devastating Canvas are available, this app is also possible to identify the center of the earthquake center center.


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