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Antarctica: A cold and uncontrollable land of our planet, whose current conditions tell us that it has always been such an everlasting and unprofessional land where no one grows or is borne creatures here And that this place was always unhappy and senseless, but the recent research and research in this region has proved that Antarctica’s land was not always the same, but also a bold It is also far away when this entire region was covered with green green blankets of green trees and plants.

In the past there were various diverse animals also, and the honeymooned trees on its soil were also raised up with great pride and increasing the splendor of the region. In this period this paradise area was your example, then what happened, how happened and what factors were born here, due to which this region became a cold and deserted region, Deprived, neither grows anything here nor plants, tree plants. Experts have been searching here since the beginning and are trying to find the factors that have reached the cold region to come here, to visit here or to use it from it, it would be hard but impossible. went.

Then Antarctica’s soil became a continent of ice, about which people of this era-modern modernity began to say that it is a very clever and beautiful zebra wild paradise of heaven that has something to do on this planet. It has been shown that the people of the world lose their time and do not leave it, they do not believe in their unique love.
Antarctica came from where and how our land appeared on earth, first of all, the concept was presented by Robert Falcon Scott, a British campaign, which first took some plants during a difficulty in South South. The fossils were discovered by the angels who were presenting solid evidence that in the past the unique region of the earth was filled with kind of plants, trees and plants, and the natural beauty of this land was a fabulous look, People of the world will also be surprised.

All these qualified worlds saw their eyes and were severely influenced by them, but they did neither try to do this, nor did any movement move forward. But as the time passed, by the way research also began to happen, and its unique and unique results also came to light. Researchers and research scholars continue to present their own ideas and ideas and went to inform the people of the world about their past ancient experiences. This way the research work went ahead in a solid, authentic way. Then later a few days later, experts and researchers at the Trans-Antarctic mountains of Antarctica have started working on this research to advance.

If going forward, if experts get new and unique work in this regard, or they find incredible evidence and results from that place, then it will be a great deal of history in the case of blasphemy and if experts meet something in history The first people that will be millions of years old will keep their feet on earth and then we can walk where no human will ever step ahead.

These researchers are digging deep in the depths of the past or scientific realm of scientific experts and science-based Antarctica, and they are well-exploring the fields of the region and searching for them, so that they The ancient past can reach and explore ancient facts about it and present them to the world and the world.

The fact that they raised the past for Antarctica to dig out the past, is not a minor task, their efforts have begun to come to anxiety, and the facts begin to come in front of every one on the ground. It was vegetable and greenie, which kept the whole region in its wrap. This whole region was undoubtedly wrapped in the natural beauty and the ancient, humbling and concrete rocks and hills here hidden in ancient times.

The University of Wisconsin, the archaeologist of Milwaukee Eric Gulberanson and John Isabel, was involved in the team who had traveled to a difficult mountainous area of this strange region to find out the evidence in the summer this year. The true facts of the past were brought to the world and that made it all the work and travel very easy for experts. After that, the living and knowing future of this region will come in front of the whole world in the form of a reality. As a result, the idea of the ancient age would be confirmed that this region was very fertile and productive past, which would later come before the world and they also know about Antarctica’s original and pure history.

The mysterious mountains of the Antarctica, the mountains and the open rocks in its own place, can be gauged that this region is hiding many special things and incredible facts in its respective worlds that come in front of the world. It is necessary.

All mysterious mountains, hills and open rocks on Antarctica’s soil are the only open-up things that specialize in specialist or geology categories, or everything else is covered by snow. Nothing can be seen open. They provide the opportunity to open rocks or mountain specialists and paleobotanists (specialist python plants) that they all dump them from the ground fossils (earthquakes) on earth. Then they experiment on them and also make a solid search of their past, which leads to a lot of information about the past of the region.

This is a great opportunity to provide experts to the experts in the past, and present the facts about the world in front of the world and the world. Apart from these fossils, another important task is that scientists find this region in such a way that the formation of many rocks found here shows the ancient age that is from the time of being mineral in ancient times. Is. This time was actually the last round of ancient geological times. It was ancient times the world that the world did not try to understand correctly.

It is clear that when it came out, 90 percent of the planet’s Earth was destroyed by sea. It was not a slight loss, but there was a huge disaster that was the biggest disaster for the known period, which has solemnly damaged that many destroyed and destroyed.

Last year, during his emergency measures and fasting operations, Gulbernson and Abel also discovered the remains of 13 focalized trees, which were more than 260 million years old. It was the distance that was about 8 years ago, due to the end of the ancient geological era. For instance, these trees have a type of Glossopteris tree which was shaped on the whole planet during this period. It is the type of tree whose seed is also and long language form leaves and leaves.

These leaves and leaves definitely fall on the end of the summer. At some point in Permian Antarctic, this tree called Glossopteris was the king of this entire region. The trees of the trees were spread far away across the entire continent. From that point, the forest also spread to South America, Africa, India and Australia, and they wrapped a very widespread area and made such a huge extent that green natural blanket bedside.

In an era, different lands of the earth and non-parallel regions were the only connected region, as it was a whole area that should be understood as an ancient super containant or super continent, known as Gondwana. In fact, the trees called Glossopteris are absolutely solid and solid evidence that at some point Gondwana really had its existence on it. The fact is also its place that it was the tree that if they were connected and connected to different parts of the earth, their existence would be certain in different places of the earth.

Polar Trees:
It was necessary to exist in Antarctica that there was no such atmosphere which is being seen today. Today, as many tree and tree plants are not visible in Antarctica, the curtains are also the same factors, due to which the farms of past-past trees, tree plants and planting fields and the Antarctica region disappear all kinds of greenery. This is exactly what happened later.

The most important and fundamental reason is that there is light in the region for six months and the natural system of dark darkness. Its simple meaning is to find trees to maintain their existence or to keep themselves alive and alive on this land, in which they have lived in this continent living in darkness for half a year. Keep it up…

Clearly, the sunlight is a tree of trees and tree plants, and without it, they could suffer from nutrition which they did and in the coming days, they were able to diminish. But some protected trees offer some amazing facts about which our readers will be surprised to know how these trees maintain their existence in that situation.

In fact, the fact that we reached through the science of scientists, there are also trees found on trees and individual sales stored in Fussels. Their help helps experts to know the age and history of these trees. Even it is known that what periods they were during the history when they were upset and when they rested and then covered themselves in changing seasons and compatible with those seasons.

Then the differences and differences found among them also appeared, that when they were upset, they were big and when they were in the position of rest, they were small. One of the parks at Park University Patty Ryberg said that such a difference is not found between the Glossopteris trees. Patty Ryberg is also part of this research team. It is more to say: “Antarctica trees have large sales. It keeps running continuously for the last six months. Now we are trying to know how they grow at this place. ”

Although 252 million years ago, this unusual type of great trees of a period disappeared once in the last days of the Permian monument, and along with the other types of other types of times disappeared. Who was responsible for all this destruction? We are well aware of this question.

Climate Change:
Scientists believe that in the region where today’s Russia is present, the area which has emerged due to the movement of volcanic flavors, is the volcanic rocks of Siberia. Out of them the CO2 gas emissions were energized to the whole atmosphere, which caused changes in the oceans, and according to them, life on earth changed its role and replaced a new form.

However, due to all this movement, this region could be able to live and it adapted itself to the extent of this period. Its environmental outcomes were very devastating. Scientists believe that on the contrary, all these changes in life come to existence ten million years ago, which took a lot of time to handle. The result was that the Glossopteris tree completely destroyed from the ground.

This exposure to the entire event can open many secrets as well as the changes in subsequent rocks, and many important things may be revealed. All these changes that are more important about the environment and time, experts get the idea of how this incident of complete destruction of the earth was visible, and how all these things were expelled.

Ryberg and Isbell are currently in New Zealand and are looking forward to changes in the weather so that their research work in Antarctica can continue. Gibraltar will also come in a few weeks, then they together together with Tran-Antarctic mountains. The intention of returning is that in this region’s unnecessary cold and fearless isolation, all these people will be able to walk along the ghosts of these forests and dead souls, and also find the solid evidence of the green era of this region. You can…

Different people’s opinions:
Regarding the presence of fossil trees in Antarctica, various people of the world have expressed their views. One of these views is that if there are fossil trees in Antarctica, it is not necessary that the region that grows in some time, it is south of the middle.

It is also said that on the continual niche or wardrobe it grows sometime, it may have brought them constructive or building forces, or it will be born on the ground when the axial tilt of the earth was different. Experts also say that we should not think so or not to calculate where Antarctica was during that period. Scientific research also states that the earth was in a very hot cycle 250 million years ago, which means that the place was located in a very cold climate.

Some people also believe that it is not necessary that the trees of the region lived in darkness for four months and four months in the light cycle. Some people are also convinced that Antarctica was mostly north to the tree when the trees began to rise and gradually died when the piece of medicine on which it was moving slowly south of the south. He was able to compete with a impossible and tough climate.

An expert science has also said that there is no reason to believe that Antarctica was always in the middle of the pole. I have read that it was in the north, where the whole sunlight was shining all year. The proof is that coal reserves are found in Transantarctic mountains in Antarctica. For this we need to examine the macerals there.

Nevertheless, millions of years ago on Antarctica had such a heavy load and fertile life, as it is on our planet or at present, the shape of this life was different from the present form of our earth, it’s currently hard to say anything Scientists and experts are still working with estimates and ideas, but recently the latest scientific research and excavation made in Antarctica will forward and answer many of our experts’ questions and we You will learn a lot about the origin of immune. For this we have to wait patiently.


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