Russia Turkey agreement How long will save Syria from destruction

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Washington – The United States says its forces have reached close to destroying Iraq in Iraq and Syria and it is not intended to withdraw troops from both the two countries.

A US military spokesman said on Tuesday that the US military will be present to maintain peace in those areas where terrorism and conflict have kept intensifying.

Prior to this announcement, between the government and the rebels in Adalbal province, Russia and Turkey had agreed to set up a non-military zone.

Russia has been taking full control of the rebels in retaliation for regaining control over the rebels in seven years, and now the ‘Adalbلب’ has been the last occupied territory. Attack on Aleppo and other occupied territories has caused extensive destruction and fear that the crisis will be more intensified.

Welcomed by UN and UN special representative for Syria Russia and Turkey welcomed the peace process and said that there is no compromise now, there is no barrier to move forward the political process. Have been

However, the permanent permanent Russian opposition in the United Nations, Visasie Nebian Zia, has assured Stephen de Mistura that there will be no use of pressure by the UN Security Council on peace guarantees.

Russia’s member of the Security Council is playing an important role in promoting political process in Syria compared to all countries, he said. He advised the United Nations representative for Syria to cooperate only with the help of leadership.

The United States has questioned whether Russia is really serious for peace in Syria. US Special Representative for Syria, James Jefferson, said that if Russia is really serious for peace in Syria, it must ensure that Iran and its militias are completely out of Syria.

In this context, analysts and activists ask how long the current agreement can remain. United Nations Under Construction Mark Lu Kook says for human goodness, is it just a temporary agreement or is it the last ray of hope?

There are 2,000 US troops in the northern part of Syria, and American spokesman Colonel Shan Ryan says that ISIS will have to destroy. For this, local soldiers should be trained so that they can handle the control of the area. He said that a meeting of all parties participating in this conflict was held in Geneva on September 14, and although the details of this meeting have not come out, we are confident that at all.

Earlier, US President Trump said on Tuesday that the United States has done great work for the end of Iraq in Syria and we have reached close to the solution to this problem.


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