A new way to get hydrogen from water

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Washington: Experts have invented a successful way of producing hydrogen fuel through seamless water only. In this, the presence of sunlight through the nanomaterials can be tested by sea water.

Experts believe that in this way, by setting environmentally friendly and low-cost methods, it will help to solve a huge problem in the world. Experts from the University of Central Florida have discovered a new method of extracting hydrogen fuel for which sunshine and seafood are required.

‘We have opened the path of making hydrogen-based hydrogen instead of filtering water in the laboratory, which works very well for seafood, senior scientist Yang Yang told. Now, make the hydrogen fuel cell made from it in your car, which will only be removed from the water. Now this water can be rebuilt again. In this sense, it is an effective and environmentally friendly way that can gain continuous energy.
Practically water-hydrogen is possible, but it is important that the energy obtained in it has less energy and it also reduces the carbon dioxide reduction. And this is the challenge that experts around the world are trying to solve.

Before that the experiments for making hydrogen experiments with sea water were very energy and it was more difficult to drink water. But now experts have developed nanometrical that works for a photo catalog list. As soon as it is sunny, it starts making hydrogen from water. The material absorbs sunglasses well and is also suitable for seamless season.

Experts have used tetananium oxide to improve the phototype list, and it has overlined the melting of melbourne dye sulfide on the holes, which has doubled its performance. However, it has to be taken to the industrial model for mass use. Other systems of this system have also been very encouraging.


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