The ten things that do not do on the occasion of marriage

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Marriage is a wonderful opportunity. Through this, the new era of life of two humans begins. Especially due to the heart of parents of heartbeat, this delicate and happy opportunity can be fulfilled without any accident. But it has been observed that some people who attend the wedding talk specifically, like women. Sometimes these problems are caused by serious problems.

The amazing thing is that at the time of marriage, apparently educated women who talk to them about such things are heard by listening to them everywhere, every person becomes astonished. Today we are telling you about ten things which You do not want to do anything while participating in the wedding. You will prove to be a conscious and wise man.

1. How much does it cost?
This is especially what the bride or hearted relatives often ask for their parents. However, what is the matter with you, whatever amount of money you spend?

2. The food is not too much
In Pakistani weddings, many people find food that stomach and eat loudly, but together they say that food is not good. Some people are not even asked to say that they go home It will be very angry. It is a very angry thing. But by chance of the castle, the hosts have to stay silent and drink blood.

3. Why did not you call the relatives?
If a relative’s relative is not called for any reason, there is a habit of many people to pick it up in a full crowd. This is why sometimes there is also a problem between the water pistol between the relatives of the marriage. Goes away

4. What is waste music?
During the wedding, critics criticize the music. The matter reaches here that it is said that there is a cheap type DJ that is singing freely.

5. I’m giving more ‘shags’
There are some people who talk to others at the time of marriage, that they had given Rs 500 in my sister or brother’s wedding while I still 1000.

6. Cheap cheaper and jewelry!
Some women’s views are tied on bridal clothes and jewelry. After all, they do not get confused and they say that this pair is very cheap. And jewelry is absolutely imitation.

7. Transformed into the Lord
If the bride is more beautiful, the common form of a bride, so many people start crying freely. It can be the beginning of fighting if a close relative is in the ear of a close relative.

8. This marriage is for money
If the difference between the husband or wife’s financial situation seems to be called to say that this marriage has been done for money. What is the matter with them?

9. Laughs do not agree on marriage
This object is raised in every marriage in which a girl or a boy chooses a partner with their choice. This is why only parents are called to give mental affliction.

10. When will you produce?
The marriage ceremony is justified and most people, especially the elderly women, feel that now the new pair will produce a baby.


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