The great revelations of the Roman Empire that took place in the world

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It is true that the Roman Empire is almost two-thousand years ago since today, but with some steps taken in its era, the world is still supporting.

Usually it is assumed that the ancient people of ancient times were very backward and used to live a simple life, but this idea could be partially valid. Today’s modern technology is largely respected by ancient Roman people. Romantic traditions, knowledge and designs are being imitated for centuries from buildings to entertainment. Let’s put an eye on them.

1- Arches
The temples are not invented by Romans, but they used their best. The way the Romans used to build their buildings, the temples had a special place. Romans expanded knowledge knowledge as well as many innovations and brought fantastic beauty to this art. His linguistic technique, in addition to strengthening and maintaining underground water drains, sports auditoriums, worship places and stadiums, would put their beauty Hasan four moons. These buildings have remained for almost a thousand years, but their manufacturing techniques are still available today.

2- Roman Republic
This Italian island model initially came into existence before becoming Rome’s great empire. At this time it was a democratic state whose system used to run two selected councils. A presidential council while playing second role. In this democratic system was regulated when the kingdom was established in most of the world’s countries. Years later, his democratic style government adopted America as a model.

3- Concrete
Skills to make solid, durable and durable types of concrete were also tired. The concrete made of them can embarrass the current quality of concrete, because today’s concrete maintains the maximum 50-year standard in sustainability, and then the trail begins, where buildings built from the Roman era have been erected for centuries. Have happened It is said that the Roman engineer, “Marcus Vitruvius,” prepared it with the most concrete concrete, volcanic rock, lime and marine matching. Romans used to mix three of the three things in the ocean water by mixing the rocks of the volcanic rock rockets. After ten years, a rare mineral element in the concrete called “Aluminum Tobermorite” was created, making it incredibly durable.

4- Entertainment
Roman entertainment was very curious. Many Romantic leaders have kept the free entertainment activities keeping in mind the interest of the public. They believed that by this way they would be chosen to be elected to the ministers of power. The other races, including races, warriors and comparisons between theaters in theaters, were also the heart of the people, and today it is very popular. Their appearance has changed slightly and nowhere in the place of rugs, movies and cinemas, as well as wrestlers (rivals) and theater plays, have taken movies and cinemas.

5- Roads and Highways
When the Romans realized the fact that the strong roads and the big highways could easily facilitate the movement of their forces and could contribute to making them a great power, they stole the streets everywhere. In the 700 years, he made around 5,500 miles long roads across Europe. These roads were high-ranking and examples of engineering. These roads were built in keeping with the principles of sustainability and sustainability, to ensure high-speed dishes throughout the kingdom. Despite the passage of 2000 years today, many such roads are still worthy of use.

6- Julian Calendar
Various calendars have been published in the Roman history, but most of them have the most important and best Julian calendar. Today, our Gregorian calendar used throughout the world is based on the same Romanie Julian calendar. Julian’s calendar month, day and even the “Leap Year” accountability was so accurate that today’s modern calendar has been set up on some principles and principles.

7- Fine Dining
The ancient Romans were good foods and good foods used to have a great diet, which they used to arrange for special food. In their houses the food room was very important and it was an essential part and it was specially assigned to place. Was it Like today’s modern foods, traditional Roman cuisine consisted of at least three different dishes at one time. They used to eat lightweight food before regular meal, which is now called “Appetizers”. Then central or original food and finally sweet dish or sweet. During the meal, the “Wine” era continued to run. Their tradition was different from the Greeks who loved to drink alcohol after eating.

8- Bond Books
In addition to the scroll books, stone tables or other leather sheets used to be used in various civilizations of the world. In the first century AD, Romans formulated the books written by enclosure made of Leather Parachutes or Plants made from the herpes. Remember that the work of giving books to regular books was to be performed in the fifth century AD.

9- Plumbing
The ancient Romans started a revolutionary system of plumbers. It was started through water supply in various areas by underground water drawer and then it was developed and spreading pressure on all the places of the country was spread across all the places. Rome civilization was the first civilization that laid the foundation of this useful facility that has accessed us in the future and has reached us today.

10- Courier Service
Romanuser “Augustus” began the first courier service, called the “Cursus Publicus”. With its help, information about the messages and tax was reached rapidly in the entire Roman Empire from one place to another. “Austrus” used the basic idea of this service to the same system of messaging messages sent to the Iranian, but instead of changing the system, instead of many Iranians, the same person (courier) He took the responsibility to deliver the postage to the specified location. Thus, it has succeeded in maintaining the message confidentiality and ensuring the supply of information directly.

11- The Colosseum
The Roman known as “Flavian Amphitheater” was not a gift for the people of Colosseum. It was inaugural in 80 BC and it was opened for the public for 100-day memorable contests. Even today, the building is standing as a model of the romantic construction work of the Romans and its entertainment.

12- Legal System
The legal system implemented in ancient Rome was to cover all the aspects of life. Romanity in the form of citizenship, crime, and punishment, responsibility for obligation and destruction from damaged property, freedom of slaves and destruction, local politics, all aspects of life, and the creation of elegant legal system, It’s a big part. The details of the rights of citizens on 12 bronze bronze were carried out outside the forum’s building so that all the citizens should be aware of their rights and they know that all citizens are equal. And they have equally legal rights. These plates were called “Twelve Tables”.

13- Newspapers
The history of newspapers is very old and long. Romans began to write a record record of Saint meetings initially in Rome. This record was called “Acta Senatus” and it was only provided for senators to study. Later, a publication journal (Gazette) was issued for the public as well as the 27-day BC named “Acta Diurna” which was commonly available. This was the initial form of the newspaper.

14- Graffiti
You believe or not, but the fact is that there is no modern class of Graffiti arts, but it is also from ancient Rome. We must be grateful to the explanation of Italy’s volatile “Mount Vesuvius” in the early 79 days, because the volcanic fiber that emerges from the famous Roman architecture “Pompeii” Deuteronomy preserved the samples of writing. One of the many things written in these diary writings was a fascinating fact that “O wonder, I am surprised that despite writing so many written writings, why are you still suffering from them?” You should have ever been shocked “.

15- Recruitment
The ancient class of ancient Rome was called “Plebians”. Despite being in large numbers, we were weak. Under his condition, “ruler” of the ruling rulers of Rome, especially in the command of 98 to 117 CE, “Trajan” established the “Social Welfare System”, under which poorest people were administered by the administration. You could get Rome’s ruler “Augustus” tried to keep the people Alasas happy with providing bread-like “bread” and “circus”, so that they should not be ashamed of riots.

16- Building Heating System
Romans created the first known system of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). It was called “Hypocaust”. It was used to get heat, air dishes and cooling in most of the large public bathrooms. Heated and warm water was arranged in these baths with a high floor and a permanent flame fire.

17- Military Medicine
Many soldiers were forced to stay away from the battlefield due to injuries in the old age. However in the second century CE, Rome’s ruler “Trojan” began to be deployed in the Roman forces, “Medici” doctors, that they might be able to confront and injure the injured and also do small surgery. Regardless of regular battlefields were set up in the battlefield and more trained practitioners were with soldiers so that their better treatment could be possible.

18- Roman Numerals
Roman numerals, primarily used for counting prices and facilities of facilities. In this era every special and common person was familiar with their use. Today it is used mostly on traditional occasions. For example Olympics, with names of kings, are used to mark while building the building and for national football league games.

19- Sewers
The Roman drainage system relates to the “Etruscan civilizations” of Italy, which is part of the island of Christ, about 500 years ago. Romans further expanded this system further. Initially, this system was used for irrigation water instead of dirty drainage.

20- Cesarean Section
Unfortunately, at present, some herbal doctors practice the operation of the child rather than normal delivery, because of their greed only through the operation so that they can get the most of the money. But according to Caesar’s orders in Roman law, all of these pregnant women were only operated at the time when they were born during the birth of the child, or they were close to birth, so that the child could be saved. At this time since mother-saving medicines were not invented, it was tried to save at least a child. But nowadays of doctors are that they take the operation as the first step rather than the last step to make money.

21- Medical Tools
We should be thankful for the Roman people “Pompeii,” at which time the appliances used in Rome were still safe, and so that today we can improve their use because they are available. Got the opportunity to bring. Many of these instruments are instruments that used to be used in the early form of the 20th century as used in ancient Roman times. Most of these instruments are related to the digestive system and the system’s ratio.

22- City Planning
Roma may be entitled to be a daddy for the sake of planning the best citizen. Under this scheme, they settled in some early settlement cities. Their cities later became the earliest models for modern traffic, especially commercial transport designs. After planning these cities, Romans learned that in this way they can easily control their flow of traffic and can make trade and production more efficient.

23- Apartment Buildings
The ancient buildings of the ancient Roman era were similar to or similar to today’s age. The owners of the buildings would pay the lower part of the building to the merchants and merchants and reside in the above places or rent the poor people who could not afford to rent the entire house. So think that this period was a flat system. These flats were called “Insulae”. Some intellectuals believe only 90% of the residents of “Ostia” living in such apartment buildings.

24- Traffic Signs
For your information, tell us that the traffic signals on the streets are not today’s modern era of charisma. Ancient Romans also used them. They used to provide information about the distance and distance of the other major travelers on many of their roads and highways.

25- Fast Food
Today, the biggest brands of fast food are claiming that they are the founders of fast food. But this is not such an easy matter. The fact is that it starts with Rome itself. For example, nobody liked cooking at home in the famous city of Pompeii, the Roman Empire, but in most people’s homes there was no facility for the kitchen. That’s why people used to go to “Popinae” such hotels and restaurants where there was no room for eating and drinking, but it was just to eat and walk and walk on the go and its behavior was there.


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