Space storm on Mars was thrown, Nasa expected to sign signals from the robot

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The supreme continued to work until 2011 and the Upper House stopped sending signals after the recent storm of the Mars.

The Mars Space, a storm of cyclone, which scientists are counting on the biggest tornado history, is now thrown, after which NASA’s astronauts have been expected to expect solar The running robot vehicle will return to ‘Upper Chantti’ and will start sending signals on earth again.

Scientists discovered the thunderstorms of the spacecraft on May 30. After which US Robotics vehicle hit Mars 15 years ago, on the American Space Institute, worked for 10 days and it received the last signal on the ground floor June 10.

Due to the thick layers of the sun, the rays of the sun closed to reach Mars, and darkness was shattered. The robotic car batteries were charged with solar panels, so the robot’s electronic system, when the charge ended, went to sleep.

A statement issued by NASA states that the situation is very complicated and the team working on the robotic car is expected to carefully caution that the robotic vehicle by storming the storm and the sun’s rays at the Mars level The battery will start charging and it will start working again.

NASA says that if the robot did not receive a signal from the Upper Antimony in the middle of October, then efforts will be made to contact it.

John Cales, manager of the Robotnik Vehicle Upper Challenge Project at NASA’s Space Center, says that if we could not reach up to 45 days, our team would conclude that the storm-stroke of sun-rays caused some kind of car Has created an error and it is no longer usable. We will then be able to stop working actively with the car.

He said that even after that, we will continue to touch it for several months, but it is unlikely that sun rays can pass electricity on the solar panels through the grounds around the globe and generate electricity for the battery.

In 2003, NASA had embarked on the solar-powered two reboot vehicles ‘Upperchatti’ and ‘Super’ Mars. Their mission was limited to 90 days and a thousand meters away. But the supreme work continued till 2011 and the Upper House stopped sending signals after the recent storm of the Mars.


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