Killer Blue Wheel and Mocho Game Finally Cyber Crime

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One of the best known English words is “Excess Of Everything Is Bad” but unfortunately! When a person disappears from a negative tendency or unnecessary desire, no reminder will be done by him.

This is something happening in a major negative trend of modernity, video games. Nostendo has been embedded into new social and video accessory community by means of accessible access to the community that small ones are not even protected by its negative effects.

According to experts, many children who play sports games play a lot of physical or psychological problems, such as video games play very much in the hands of children, due to the speed of playing children When the eyes move faster, the eyes have a bad impact on the bones and muscles, then there are many video games in which people are enjoyed to destroy their property by killing or accusing others. Yes, in such cases minds, violence and fighting make a fall of conflicts … but talk B activity today is not only negative, but also physical and psychological problems caused by even one step ahead of these games people are playing with their lives.
The social media-well-known game, Bluesville Challenge, is one of the toughest tossers, and the final task is to commit suicide. While “MOMO” is an account on various social media such as Wats app, Facebook and YouTube, this account uses artwork containing women’s scary images, specialists like the Blue Wheel Game. It is said to follow the orders, these orders are called to contact people at alien phone numbers and perform similar tasks, if someone does not follow the orders, it is scared to show more pictures of it. . Suicide incidents have occurred in many countries due to killer games such as Bluewich and Momo Game.

For the last few years, this cursor has also turned back to Patriotic, due to which many dead incidents have occurred. However, now the nominated government has banned its game name by making a right decision to ban these games. In this context, federal minister information technology says, “There is no such game in Pakistan, such games and spreading games will come under the category of cyber crime”, which is an urgent move, which is immediately implemented Is important.


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