Russia’s combat exercises include three million soldiers

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After the overthrow of the Cold War, Russia has started the biggest warriors in eastern Siberia, in which more than three million soldiers, thousands of tanks, hundreds of combat aircraft and ships are participating.

These combat exercises, called ‘Witakak 2018’, are also sending more than 3,000 soldiers, armored vehicles and ships, while a few military forces of Mongolia will participate in these exercises.

Russia had fought for a long time in the war of cold war in Russia, for the last time, but Vatican participated in more than 201 troops in 2018.

One week, these exercises are being carried out at a time when Russia and NATO alliances are severely tense.

At the beginning of combat exercises, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin met Chinese counterpart Zei Jinping in the eastern city of Waldstick, in which he trusted a better relationship between the two countries, saying that “politics between us There are reliable relationships in security and defense sectors.

Russia and the European Union have signed ties between the European Union since the time Russia had occupied Croatia in the two thousand fourteen.

Russia’s aggressive and non-friendly attitude is not justified by war crimes, Dmitri Peskov, a Russian President of the Russian President.

According to Russian Defense Ministry, sixty thousand tanks, armored vehicles and other infantry trucks are included in these exercises. In addition, 1,000 combat aircraft will also practice their professional skills.

Two naval fleets, including war ships near that, exercises will review their preparations to face various defense challenges.

Why are these exercises involved in China?

China’s Defense Minister says he is trying to strengthen military ties so that the ability of both sides can be strengthened to deal with ‘various types of security threats’. They did not describe these ‘risks’ detail.

Magolia has not described any details of her involvement.

Russia’s defense minister Sergei Shigu said that Islamic extremism in Central Asia is a major threat to Russia’s security.

China has implemented strong security and senses in the Muslim majority province Shengzhou.

Shijiang has been witnessing frequent violence for many years. China says that behind these incidents Islamic intensity and separatism are involved.

Why is China and Russia’s warmth warm?
Observers say that one reason for the growing relationship between China and Russia is to combat the United States’s global agenda.

Economic relations have also increased in both the countries and according to the Reporter News Agency, China’s direct investment in Russia has increased by 72 percent in 2017.

Looking at trade dispute with Beijing’s Beijing, Russia has become the new trading partner in terms of China’s leading and commercial volume.


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