Video Games addiction has been recognized mental illness

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The World Health Organization has regularly admitted a mental illness to add addictive electronic games or video games.
The organization has added ‘gaming disorder’ to the latest list of diseases. This list was published in 1992 before the WHO.
The video games industry has challenged the evidence based on which it has been decided and said that they are intuitive and unusual.
However, medical experts have said that although most gamers do not harm themselves or other people, but some are addicted to these games and should be treated.
Playing games for long periods in this illness, preferring games to other routes, despite adverse effects, gaming enhancement.
Talking to BBC News, Snooker’s former global champion Nail Robertson admitted that they were also addicted to video games at a time.
He said that ‘it happens that you do not know 12 hours have passed or 14. The time passes in a glimpse. I had a lot of addiction and I have no doubt. I refused to deny him for many years and said that I needed it. This is very important while I was not trying to cope with the real problem. ‘
In many countries of the world, including UK, gaming addiction is being done at a high level, but after the decision of the World Health Organization, the addicted people in the UK will also be able to cure officially. However, for this, they will have to show that at least one year their personal life and educational or work-related issues have influenced them.
Dr. Richard Graham of London’s Nightlife hospital says he sees fifty new patients of digital connection every year, whose daily life is affected by gaming.
There are many steps to deal with gaming addiction in many countries of the world. In South Korea, the government has banned children under 16 years of age playing children from around 6:00 AM.

If the player in Japan plays video games more than a fixed time, they are warned, while the internet company tennis in China has been appointed to play popular games for children.


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